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Saturday, July 6, 2024

4th of July 2024

Hello and thanks for stopping by.

I hope you are all enjoying summer. - We had a very nice and relaxing 4th of July here.  Didn't go anywhere but still had a nice day.

We had a dinner here at our house and food was prepared by me and by Adam/Greta (Adam grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and corn on the cob.) 

I made some salads ( BBQ macaroni salad, a Southwest Coleslaw - Store mix on that one and Strawberry Fluff -so yummy!)

After dinner we relaxed and waited for it to get dark enough to set off our fireworks and of course watch the neighborhood fireworks as well.

                         Jojo looked cute in her new outfit.

Grandma had to get a picture with her just like I use to do with her big sister, Jupiter (Coleen).

Here is another cute shot of Jojo

                         Some of the yummy food we had.

Candid shot of Anna eating her hotdog.  I always seem to catch people at odd moments.

                               Jupiter decided to make a funny face 
           Not sure what Mike was doing when I snapped this one.

Adam and Greta in the kitchen finishing up the food prep before we ate.

Now the fireworks...

The older girls started out with small smoke bombs and those little things you throw that make a popping sound.

These were some of the fountain shots that Adam set off.

These shots were some of the big stuff neighbors around us were setting off.

This is the first year I think that I've gotten decent pictures of them so I shared a bunch.

Happened to catch our cat, Maky in the window trying to paw the fireworks.

A few more of our stuff that Adam set off.

That's it for this years celebration.  Happy Birthday America!!!


  1. the menu is my kind of food and Jojo not only gets cuter and cuter but appears to have grown an inch or two since I last saw her. sounds like the perfect 4th of July celebration

  2. The kids are so cute, and I love your iris header. Wow, you got AWESOME fireworks shots!!!! Do you have a firework setting on your camera? They are just glorious.

  3. Sounds like you had a fabulous day. Your fireworks photos are awesome. I didn't even bother trying to get pictures of them this year.


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