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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vegetarian Cats

One HOT July afternoon (check out those Thunder Clouds) a group of kids and instructors got together for a friendly game of soccer - Well not exactly full blown soccer but they were kicking soccer balls so that counts. 
The plan was for the instructors to be cats and the kids were mice guarding their cheese, (aka - the soccer ball) and if the cats woke up you had to get your cheese away from them as quickly as you could.  Sounds pretty simple right?  Well not if you are Coleen who had to pipe up with,  "Don't cats eat mice?"!  Good thing the teachers were on their toes as they explained to her that they were, "Vegetarian Cats!"  Never a dull moment when Coleen is around for sure.  Can you believe those kids played for an hour in temperatures close to 100 degrees.  Ah to be young again and able to withstand the heat.  Grandma sat in what shade there was and drank ice water but I was more then happy when it was time to return home to a nice air conditioned house.

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