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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Birthday Girls

Well here they are:  First up is my mom (who hates her picture taken) so this is the best I could get

Happy 82nd Birthday Mom
We had a busy day (1-18) as we had Bowling league in the morning.  Then after lunch mom & I went shopping.  Next I baked a cake and wrapped presents.  Then we went to dinner (AppleBees) and then the rest of the family was over for the cake, ice cream and presents.   There were 17 people crammed into my mom's small living room.  Lots of noise, laughs and family fun.

Here's the other birthday girl, Coleen (1-19) who turned 6 today.  Happy Birthday Bug!
This was taken this morning before school.  She got to open a couple of small gifts before heading off to school.  So hard to get good pictures of her these days as she always makes a weird face now or is closing her eyes in a lot of the shots.

Plus I've been having picture taking issues lately.  Last night I forgot to take the camera off of the "night shot" setting so everything was rather dull/dark looking. Also can't seem to take pictures without them blurring on me.  I think I need to read the manual again.

More birthday photo's will follow after her party tonight.

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