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Monday, January 31, 2011

Waffles Anyone?

Saturday morning I felt like eating "Waffles" so I asked hubby if he'd fix me one.  Being the nice guy he is he agreed to make waffles if we had the ingredients.  Our waffle mix was low but he said he'd make it work and got everything all mixed up and ready to go.  Then I hear him say,  "What on earth!" and so I had to go see what he was all upset about.  I walk in the kitchen and this is what I see...('s UGLY!)

Scroll down to see photo.

The last time we ha waffles someone (not sure who) put the waffle iron away without taking this waffle out.  ICKY!!!! - Suddenly I lost my appetite for Waffles and we ended up having pancakes instead.

We decided to get a new Waffle Iron since we just weren't sure what that ugly Mold did to the inside of the iron after being there for who knows how long.  Besides that iron was a good 20 years old or better so getting a new one now seems like the right thing to do.

Bon' Appetite!

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  1. LOL That is too funny! That sounds like something one of my teenagers would do! Thanks for sharing. The giggle was needed today!


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