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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Henry Peter Antes
May 27, 1920-January 4, 1998

My DAD - This photo was taken a few years before he passed away but I really like it because he had that wonderful smile on his face and that "twinkle" in his eye and that is how I remember my dad best.

He loved life and always enjoyed a good joke.
Fishing was his passion and you could almost always bet that as soon as fishing season opened he would be at the lake or up fly fishing on one of the mountain streams.  He also hunted for many years.  He enjoyed bowling, model trains, stamp collecting and much more.  He loved the family cats, a good bowl of ice cream every night before bed, he loved his family and worked hard to provide for them.

It's been 13 years now since he's been gone but I still think of him often and miss him a lot (I was his "little girl" till the day he died).  I know he's in Heaven now with his Savior but sometimes it would just be nice to hear his voice again and just sit down and chat for awhile.

Love you always dad!

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  1. Ida, a gorgeous tribute to your dad. I, too, was daddy's little girl. I'm sure they are watching down on both of us...proud of the women we have become! thank you for sharing! fondly, Lynn


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