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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - March 25, 2012

Hi! I hope you've all had a great week.  As you know (or maybe you don't) if you've visited my blog this week I celebrated a Birthday on Tuesday.  - It was a wonderful day and also the 1st Day of Spring.  Of course here in "Wally World" (aka Walla Walla, WA) we had rain for the first day of spring. - To top it off on Thursday we got snow! - It didn't last long though and was melted by the end of the day. - Back to overcast skies and forecasts of rain to come.

Last week I missed out on SHS  and I didn't want to miss 2 weeks in a row so I managed to take some photos for most of the prompts and a couple from the Archives to complete the set.

This weeks prompts were: Whimsy, Create, Dust, Seed or Sprout, Swing or Drop.

This is a mural of a local toy store.  It's quite controversial here as the owner of the building apparently failed to ask permission to have the mural painted and then the City Officials or someone got a burr up their (you know what) and decided to take him to court over it.  The doggone case has dragged on for at least 2 years now and he could stand to owe the city over $45,000 dollars if they eventually rule against him.  - To me the whole debate over this mural is just ridiculous.  - At any rate it's a very "Whimsical" mural none the less.

I wasn't sure what exactly I was going to use for this prompt and then this morning Coleen was helping her Grandpa with mud ding over some spots on her bedroom wall so he could paint it.  I loved the expression here on her face as she's concentrating on putting the mud on her wall. She looks as if she's studying a canvas like a painter would. (Don't you love that tongue sticking out of her mouth!)

DUST: - Okay I've seen Ashley's post and unlike Ashley, there is usually plenty of dust around my house.  It's one of those chores that often gets shoved off to the side (so to speak) until I get around to doing it.  I confess to considering finding some dusty area and writing "Dust Me" in the dust but then I decided to go with a different kind of dust. - I took some pictures last fall out at my husband's workshop and found this one to be interesting for some reason.  I give you.....

Sawdust! - Hey, it's a type of dust. - Archived photo

SEED or SPROUT - This is my favorite of the set because it's both a seed and a sprout in one shot.

I happened to notice these in a neighbors yard so I went in search of one in our own yard.  These are the seed pods from Maple trees.  - We call them,
"Helicopters" or "Whirlybirds"    As you can see the seed pod is standing upright in the grass because a new little maple tree sprout has routed and is emerging from the shell of the seed.  Pretty cool!
I'm also entering this  shot over on Nancy's blog, A Rural Journal for her, Your Sunday Best Shot.

SWING OR DROP - This one is my other "Archived" photo.  Taken last Fall on one of my trips to the park with Coleen.  She loves to swing and you can see that from the joyful look on her face.

So the prompts for next week are: Clouds, Sunflare, Seven, High Angle and Low Angle.

Do stop in at Ashley's blog and view some of the other entrants blogs as well.  Lots of great stuff to be found by stopping by.


  1. Your Coleen is definitely cute with her tongue sticking out. Seems a lot of people do that when they concentrate. Great idea for dust, too.

  2. Awww gee, I think the mural is whimsical too and they should leave it there!

  3. I love the sawdust, and your seed/sprout.
    Your little girl is really enjoying her swing.
    Sometimes I wish I would have kept that enthusiasm for life. Have a great week. :)

  4. Great job this week. Love the mural for whimsy, how ridiculous, what could the court costs be and what has the poor man paid a defense attorney, what a waste of money! Coleen look absolutely adorable helping grandpa spackle the wall, you can see the wheels turning in her mind for sure, love the tongue. The saw dust was very interesting. My husband worked in furniture manufacturing and we had a dust collection system. I still didn't recognize the saw dust, I thought it was something on the moon. Your seed/sprout is a great pic and doesn't Coleen look like she's swinging to reach the stars, you can see the job on her face. Great job this week. Love following your blog and the photography.

  5. The story behind your whimsical shot is just foolishness. Who wouldn't want an octopus on their wall?

    Love the look of concentration on your daughter's face.

  6. Love that mural, what a shame it's caused such a ruckus! Love the swing pic too!

  7. oh that helicopter shot is cool, never seen one on a sprout like that! my kids love those!

  8. Nice shots. I noticed that our maple trees have a bumper crop of "helicopters" this year.

  9. Nice set. Like your take on dust. clever. Have a wonderful week.

  10. You have some great images for these prompts!! Love the seedpod/sprout! I also posted a similar seedpod! I can remember playing helicopter with them when I was a child! Love your daughter's pictures, she is adorable!!

  11. I love the look of happiness in the last shot - beautiful.

  12. Woof Ida!
    I love your images.
    They look woofy cool.
    Hey did a dog made that mural?
    I make art like that too
    and if the city will sue me
    I can always say'
    "go sue the dog!"

    That should do it.

  13. Great shots, Ida. The seed/sprout is quite the capture. :)

    Thank you for sharing at Your Sunday Best.

  14. Your granddaughter looks like she is really concentrating. Beautiful girl! Love her big beautiful eyes.

  15. Love your whimsy, such an interestiong shot.

  16. Great pictures. Create is such a great expression. Swing and seed are also wonderful. Thanks

  17. Great pictures. Create has such a great expression. Swing and seed are wonderful. Thanks

  18. Happy belated Birthday. I think the mural is sort of fun and by the time the lawsuit is finished it will probably be time to repaint anyhow.

  19. I love the seed/spout shot. That is pretty amazing.


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