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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday and Song-ography - July 21, 2013

Welcome!  Once again I am going to combine 2 Meme's into one blog post.  It's just easier to do it that way rather than do two separate posts.

Song-ography will go first this week followed by Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

    Song-ography :  This fun and exciting new Meme made it's debut last week and is the brain child of the wonderfully talented, Kathy from (You'll Shoot Your Eye Out).  Each week she gives you a song and you take a photograph based on your interpretation of the song.  This week the song is,  James Taylor's,
Up On The Roof.  -  I must admit I had or didn't think I'd heard this song before so I did listen to the little YouTube video Kathy had of the song and I liked it.  In fact I've decided I need some James Taylor music in my music collection so I'm planning to purchase a couple of his CD's really soon.

Much of this song is about escaping from the hustle and bustle of the world outside and finding that sweet spot up on the roof where you can see the stars in the sky and look down at the world below while spending time with someone you care about. I have to confess that I have a bit of a "fear of heights" now so heading up on some roof to photography the city below just wasn't going to be in the cards for this girl.  Instead I caught this photo and thought,  "hey this will work."

Click to Enlarge:

This is, Blondie (don't know his real name) a feral cat that roams the neighborhood.  I happened to spy him hop up on top the roof of the neighbor across the street's truck the other night.  I'm sure he felt pretty peaceful up there surveying his surroundings. This is as close as I could get without him bolting and since I don't have a great zoom lens it will have to do.
Next weeks song: "Here Comes The Sun" George Harrison and friends.
Now let's head on over to Ashley's blog (Ramblings and Photos) for Scavenger Hunt Sunday.
The prompts this week:  Camouflaged, Nutty, Alike, Identical and Jaunt.
Our youngest cat, Captain Cuddles looks pretty much camouflaged against the comforter on our bed.
1: having or producing nuts
2: having a flavor like that of nuts
3: eccentric, silly; also : mentally unbalanced
Pearson's Salted Nut Roll -  YUM!
Greta and Coleen acting Silly.  They were suppose to "gently" slap each others faces but as you can see someone slapped a little harder then she was suppose too!
These paper salmon hanging from the ceiling at the annual Rotary Salmon bake (good food by the way) look pretty much alike.
IDENTICAL:  (Is there really such a thing?) 
The concrete tiles on the ceiling of the swimming pool look pretty much identical to me.
On our way back from taking in some Log Carving today I snapped this shot of two bicyclists out on a "jaunt" with their bikes.  Mind you it was already 99 when this shot was taken.  Thank goodness I was in a vehicle with a/c and not on one of those bikes!
Next weeks prompts:  Cool Colors, Leaves, Iced Beverage, Cooling Off & Raw.
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  1. OH my goodness Ida...that kitty on the roof of the car is such an inspired interpretation! Applauding here :). And dontcha just love James Taylor??!!!?? So glad you are adding some of his music to your collection, it's perfect for those laid back, relaxing times :)

  2. Ha! Love the cat on the roof, excellent idea!

  3. Nicely done on both the Song-ography and Scavenger Hunt. I didn't actually make it up to the roof to snap any pictures this week either - perhaps another time!

  4. Mr wild cat does look rather content on his own private roof. Love this image for the song prompt.

  5. I almost missed the cat on the roof. Cute.

  6. Great set love your on the roof shot cute

  7. Great shot of the cat. Why do cats like it on cars/trucks so much? I suppose it has something to do with the inability of dogs to jump.

  8. LOVE that cat on the roof - great capture!

  9. Great selections for both challenges!!
    LOVE the cat on the roof, perfect!

    I posted at both as well.

  10. Cats sure do love to perch. Love this!

  11. I love your Song-ography interpretation. Yours is the second post that I've stumbled upon that mentioned it.

    I love your cat. Cats are just so independent.

  12. I love your camouflaged shot! It is perfect. I had a hard time with the alike and identical prompts too because they seemed so...alike!

    Great set!

  13. Ida, that is such a great take on "Up on the Roof"! Your cat looks so sweet. Cats do often seek a high place to sit and view the world. Great shot!

  14. Love the cat on the roof and as a camouflage. I have to agree that there probably isn't any such thing as identical.

  15. Love Captian Cuddles shot...and his name.

    It has actually been a bit cooler here than other parts of the country which is *not* normal. I would not want to be biking at 99.

    Greta and Colleen - wonderful shot!

  16. Great finds!! Love the cat on the roof! The peanut roll looks good too!

  17. Wow! Wonderful, wonderful pictures! I especially like the first one with the cat on the roof! So cool!

  18. The back end of a black pickup works for me.. as it did the cat! LOL Great interpretation!

  19. Hey Ida...great find with the cat on the roof of the truck with the quote on the back Go play lotto! Luck is on your side!

  20. lovely set! we had a cat like that growing up, his name was Mario :)

  21. Yes that kitty shot definitely fills the bill about going up on the roof... also love the shot of your cat. What a great cat you have!

  22. I love your interpretations for the scavenger hunt. I thought this was a tough list. I do agree that cat looks pretty happy up on the roof of the truck!

  23. Wow! You did an excellent job, Ida! I thought this week was really difficult and started not to play....but remembered that ant. You know what ant....that moved that rubber tree plant. That's another sonography song. :)

    I love me some James Taylor!!! We went to see him in concert in Austin back in the 80's. He had just started losing his hair and he was wearing glasses much to my surprise. The stage was set really close to the seats....I felt like I was in his living room....with about 600 other balding men wearing glasses. It was really funny. I figured they all identified with him. That would have been a great picture for ALIKE! lol

  24. Great shots, Ida - love Camoflaged.

  25. I laughed out loud when I saw your "up on the roof" photo! I read your text first and I wasn't expecting what I saw. So darn cute! Couldn't be a better photo for the song. All great photos today, Ida!

  26. oh ida, what a great idea to do both!!

    you are so lucky to have the kitty to help you out with these prompts and songs!!

    nicely done!!

  27. Oh I do love your "up on the roof" perfect...and your SHS shots are wonderful. Colleen is growing up!!


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