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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Songography (Big Yellow Taxi) and Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Welcome! - You may (or may not) have noticed I've been a bit absent on the blog this week.  I've been madly working on Christmas cards and nursing a cold on top of it so I haven't spent much time commenting on blogs or posting on mine either. 

Click to Enlarge Photos.

I planned to skip SONGOGRAPHY this week because I just didn't think I had anything that fit the prompt.   While running through the lyrics of this weeks song:  Big Yellow Taxi by Counting Crows, I came upon this line in the song:

Hey farmer, farmer, put away your DDT
I don't care about spots on my apples,
Leave me the birds and the bees
Bingo!  - A light bulb went off in my head as I remembered this photo that I had taken a week ago while out on a little photo shoot.

I had stopped on a country road to take some photos of these wild apples when I spotted something flitting around in the brush on the apple branches.  I managed to get a shot of this adorable little yellow bird (I have no clue what type of a bird it is though).  I think this fits those lyrics quite well.  You don't see much of this around anymore.
Don't forget to stop by Kathy's blog (You'll Shoot Your Eye Out) and check out how other's interpreted this song.
Now please join me for SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY over on Ashley's blog, (Ramblings and Photos) where this weeks prompts were:
Where I Stood, Silver, Tiny, In The Cupboard and Shadow.
WHERE I STOOD:  -   This is the scene from where I stood on Tuesday morning:
Thankfully it didn't last long and while it's been to cold for it to melt completely most of it's gone (for now).  I'd like for it to stay away for much, much longer though since I'm not much of a winter fan.
SILVER:  Getting a little creative here...
Ghost, One of the neighbors kittens has silvery looking fur.  Here he was enjoying romping in the Snow that arrived on Tuesday morning.
TINY:  Tiny little snowflakes on a branch.
IN THE CUPBOARD:  At our house after Thanksgiving the regular coffee mugs and glasses get put away and out come the "Holiday" mugs and glasses:
Both the Penguin mugs are new editions this year to the growing collection.
SHADOW:  Seriously we had snow on Tuesday and then it got cold and then it got colder and then today it got even colder....BUT....the sun came out and I actually ventured out and snapped a photo of some leaves and their shadow at one of the local parks.  Mind you it was only 9 degrees outside so I didn't stay out very long.  Frozen fingers were not on the agenda.
Hoping it warms up soon.  - Take care & thanks for stopping by.


  1. Sorry you've had a cold! Hope you're well now.

    Great shot for the song and love the wintry looks!

  2. I totally missed that line of this lyric, but yes... definitely leave the birds and bees and take away the DDT. HOpe you have had a lovely week Ida, and that you are enjoying the holiday season. Snowed in texas, which was a really big surprise!

  3. Isn't it great when inspiration hits!!
    Great choices for both challenges this week. I played both also.

  4. These are all perfectly winter and Christmas! Hope you are feeling better this morning.

  5. Beautiful! I like the apples and the snow on the branch! Ghost is a very handsome cat!

  6. Great shots all, I really really like the apple shot.

  7. Ida, that's a great shot of the little yellow bird among the apples. Fallen red apples on the ground -- fascinating! I also love the elegant silver kitty. Enjoy the snowy weather!

  8. Great set of snow shots - snowing on the gingerbread scene, on the cat. And the closeup on the branch, nice shot.

  9. Fantastic photos, Ida! You did a beautiful job of capturing those tiny snowflakes on a branch. LOVE your Christmas mugs! I have one musical Christmas coffee mug that comes out every year. Had it for so many years I forget when I got it, and it still works. Happy holidays! By the way, for some reason I cannot leave a comment on your blog when browsing on Google Chrome. IE works, though. Folks have told me this sort of thing before, too. I don't know why one browser would be different from another, tsk, tsk.

  10. Love your shadow and tiny shots, Ida. Very pretty!

  11. Great shots! Love your photos of snow (from the comfort of my home that has no snow in sight, that is!). Our weather has been crazy (70s for a handful of wet days), but not cold enough for snow yet. We likely won't see any for a while yet. Stay warm!!

  12. Oh how cute! I didn't see the little yellow bird (finch?) at first. It's almost camoflaged in amongst the berries. So glad you found something to link up to Song-ography. I think it was a bit of a challenge the song this week. But next week should be downright easy peasy!

  13. Will you share some of your cards on your other blog? :)
    Love your collection of mugs!
    We had snow and cold weather too...
    Hope you are feeling better, Ida!

  14. Oh, kitty in the snow! So adorable!

  15. Wonderful photos! I love all, with exquisite beauty the first!

  16. Hi Ida - it's been six months since I've posted. Good to be back visiting with other bloggers! As usual, you have a lovely selection of scavenger finds :) Especially like your kitty cat with snow on her and the two nature scenes with little snowflakes on the one.

  17. Such fun! I love pulling out the Christmas dishes this time of year too!! We got snow today for the first time and more than expected. It was nice because we didn't have anywhere to go and got to enjoy it from the cozy house.
    Your snowflake photo is awesome!

  18. So many great photos. I have to say you did an awesome job with all the prompts. I have to say that kitty shot warms my heart. I LOVE it.


  19. I love all the snowy pictures. The snowflakes on the branch is my favorite, then the gingerbread scene in the snow.Years ago I tried to decorate my kitchen with gingerbread men and couldn't find enough of it.

  20. love your Christmas mugs & the leaf blowing shot. ( :

  21. I almost skipped this week's songography as well - but then had a dream that Kathy was counting how many times we participated (like she would do that - or even have time to do that) - guess it was my conscience working over-time. You did well with pulling from the lyrics and looks like you got just the right amount of snow to make it festive this week.

  22. Lovely series of images!

    Snow really is pretty, isn't it? Too bad it has to be accompanied by cold temperatures! (It's even colder here in Winnipeg than your 9F. Brr! No chance of the snow melting for several months. Sigh. I'm going to have to start doing some more indoor shooting.)

    I love the little yellow bird - so cute! I think my favourite shot is the snow on the branch - beautiful.

    Keep warm!

  23. Shadow is my favourite and I love your cool Christmas mug collection :)

  24. It really is way too cold for this time of year. Love the shot of the cat and the shadow shot.

  25. ummmm, did I really miss this?!? Yes, yes I did!!

    GREAT images for all the prompts!! I tried to pick a favorite but it was a six way tie!!

  26. Photos magnifiques! J'aime la beauté exquise de ces feuilles sur la neige!

  27. I just love that picture of the cat. So pretty


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