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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Songography-Celebrate Me Home and Scavenger Hunt Sunday - December 1, 2013

Well it's been a BUSY week here with the Thanksgiving holiday preparations and then the start of the Christmas season so I haven't spent much time on the old blog.  I'm joining in though for Songography and Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

Click to Enlarge photos:

It is time  to join Kathy, (You'll Shoot Your Eye Out) for SONGOGRAPHY where this week the song she's showcasing is, 
Celebrate Me Home by Kenny Loggins.

The opening line of this song goes like this:
                                         "Home for the holidays,
I believe I've missed each and every face.
Come on and play my music,
Let's turn on the love light in the place."

Well to me home for the holidays means just that...Home where my family gathers to celebrate the season.  One thing that always reminds me of home during the holidays are holiday lights.  We love them...we put up LOTS of them.  My dad loved them and in his memory we make sure that our house and my mom's place next door light up the night with a lot of love.

Please join me now as we head over to Ashley's blog, (Ramblings and Photos) for SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY  -  This weeks prompts:  Starts with S,
Texture, A Blessing, Warmth, and I Went.
STARTS WITH S....for Silly and Stuffed Toy
There is this dog that walks by sometimes with it's owner and it always carries a stuffed toy of some kind in it's mouth.  It looks pretty silly (and doggone cute too) doing so.
TEXTURE:  I found the bark on this tree fascinating and it certainly has a lot of texture too it.
A BLESSING:  I think my hubby (Mike) and little granddaughter, (Coleen) are a blessing and more so this weekend for all their hard work in putting up the Christmas lights - Check out the top photo from Songography.  That's our place and my mom's next door all lit up for the holidays.
WARMTH:  I love the glow and warm feeling of candles...I don't know how much warmth they actually provide but they do give you a warm feeling inside when you see them burning.

I WENT:  For a drive last week to take pictures of whatever caught my eye.
Look what I spotted...
Well that's it for another week.  Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to check out the other participants.  You can find their links by visiting Kathy & Ashley's blogs.  -  Have a great week.


  1. Beautiful Christmas lights and LOVE that tree bark!!

  2. These are all great photos. I love the bark and the deer.

  3. I love that you and your Mom are neighbours! The decorators get 10/10..our old cat used to carry his snoopy dog everywhere, out to the garden and all around the house. He weighed 8.5 kilos!

  4. where to start, where to start!! your 2 homes, side by next to family. warm, cozy, adorably decorated, talk about "home for the holidays'!!

    you have a great set for shs and "bambi" you know that's my second favorite ;)

    have a happy sunday!!

  5. i love candlelight as well. Hope you had a nice thanksgiving.

  6. As much as I growl about it, I do love it once the lights and decorations are up and it does exude 'family' and 'holiday' and certainly celebrates me home. Adorable pup with its stuffed animal and swell you have some decoration helpers.

  7. FIRST...I am sooooo jealous your house is all ready lit up and ready to celebrate! (my project for today). just makes me smile to know you live next door to your mom :) :) :). THAT is a blessing. Thanks for joining in on Song-ography. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  8. I love the lights too. How nice your mom lives next door to you.

  9. Love the curling bark! That's cool! Great view with the deer on the hill!

  10. Looks like you are ready for Christmas and everything looks warm and homey.

  11. Your warmth and texture photos are beautiful. Your house also looks so wonderfully festive! Well done husband and grand daughter!

  12. Beautiful Christmas lights, Ida! I love to see the houses all lit up at Christmas. Great photos this week. Why do doggies always look so cute with a toy in their mouths? Sweetness!

  13. Great captures! Puppy is just so darn cute holding on to such a darling toy! Wouldn't go anywhere without my best pal!

  14. You have so beautiful Christmas lights !! You could take a photo as it is dark and then all Christmas lights on (and tell me the as you have that photo here :)

    That photo about your husband and Colleen is nice too.

  15. Great series. That dog is too stinkin' cute with his stuffed toy!

  16. Such great captures! Love the glowing candle and the texture. How cute is the dog with the stuffed toy?
    Your house looks beautiful all decorated!

  17. What a fun post! I love your Christmas decorations. (All you need now is a little snow. I can send you some of ours, if you like!)

    Love your Scavenger Hunt images, too. The little dog is so cute, and I love the picture of your husband and granddaughter working on the decorations. My favourite, though, is the candle. Such gorgeous colours!

  18. What a cute Winter Wonderland picture of the house!
    I love the warmth of the candles too! It makes me feel warm and cozy!

  19. Great set! I love how your house and your mom's are decorated!

  20. Love the doggy! Doggone cute for sure!

  21. I especially like the dog with her teddy bear!


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