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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - April 20, 2014


It's been another "busy" week here but I managed to squeeze in some time for photo taking and am able to join Ashley (Ramblings and Photos) for

This weeks prompts:  Trick, Selective Color, Close-Up,
Mirror & Bright Colors.

TRICK:  I was outside the other night taking pictures of vapor trails from planes/jets when I happened to spot this coming across the sky.  I'm sorry that I didn't get any clear/sharper of pictures but it was getting late and I didn't have time to fiddle with camera adjustments. 

One of these two planes was apparently refueling the other plane while both were in the air.  If you (Enlarge) and look very closely you'll see the fuel like between the two planes.  I'd say this is a bit of a "trick" to pull off.

SELECTIVE COLOR:  I actually had to look this up to understand what it mean in photography terms.  I've seen it done before and I went on Pic Monkey and learned how to do this procedure. 

Some tulips growing in the over grown and neglected yard from the house I featured last week for the neglected prompt.


A close-up of some mini Iris plants that I found blooming in someone's garden this week.  (More photos of these gorgeous Iris will show up later next week.)


My mom has had this mirror and macramé hanger in her house since the 1970's. 


 Greta bought these little solar Chinese Lantern lights and strung them across the back of our storage shed where her & Coleen have a little Patio Garden.  There bright colors are pretty both day & night.

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter. 


  1. Magnificent finds. Happy Easter to you and your loved ones.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. I love the selective color picture. And mirror macramé looks so neat. Absolutely beautiful lantern. :)
    Happy Easter to you, Ida!

  3. Nice photos, especially the one of the tulips with selective color. I need to learn how to do this! Happy Easter.

  4. Wow, that first one is a rare shot, and, oh, my goodness, LOVE your flower photos! You know I always love when you do photo art, and those tulips are just gorgeous. Can't wait to see more of the irises, too. Love the day and night photos of the lanterns, as well. Very colorful and perfect for the prompt! Hope you are having a lovely Easter. It's beautiful weather here. Perfect for Easter egg hunts. No kids in our family, but we'll be spending the day outside with the dogs and loving it!

  5. Terrific shots this week! I really love your selective colored tulips. I actually am going to join up this week.

  6. I have aways wanted those colored lanterns. Your selective color shot is great-much better than mine!

    Like your new tulip header!

  7. Cool shot of the planes - and I like your photo with selective coloring. I've been playing with that feature lately and learning about it in Photoshop Elements. I posted a photo today, in which I had done some of that. Nice work!

  8. Great photos this week. I love the refueling shot. Nice flower pics. I thought my program wouldn't do the selective color but maybe i just need to read up on it.

  9. Great shot of the mid-air refueling! The flowers are beautiful!

  10. Enjoyed your flower pictures. I've got to try selective color. I think that will be my challenge for the week. Hope you had a very happy Easter.

  11. We need to get into shape for Spring and Summer. Problem is the weather is still unpredictable for a few more weeks. Those Chinese lanterns are sweet! Hope your Easter day was happy. Enjoy the week. Hugs, Anne

  12. Your images are especially beautiful Ida!! What a sight overhead, looks a little scary!!

    I love all your colorful blooms, especially the image with the pink tulips, that's gorgeous!!

    I also love those colorful lanterns, they are so fun!!

  13. Wonderful photos, I love these wonderful flowers!

  14. I think I most enjoyed the selective color!!! Wow. That is so very impressive.

  15. Nice ones. I really like the selective color photo. Hope you had a very nice Easter.

  16. a neat post Ida; that was certainly a one-off spotting the planes re-fuelling. I could only imagine air-force practice happening, surely. I'm surprised though that they might even do something like that over housing locations. You found some good examples for the topics and it's lovely that your girls have their very own 'patio garden' and the lights Greta bought look special

  17. Lovely photos, Ida...I may have to re-join Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Especially now that winter may be behind us!! Yippee!

  18. Beautiful pictures. I love the tulips.... so pretty! Oh lucky that you were able to catch the fueling of the jets. Very interesting.

  19. Lovely series of images. The sky shot is awesome. Pretty flowers! And I love the cute lanterns..Have a happy day!

  20. Hope you had a nice Easter Ida. I love the colorful Chinese lanterns and can imagine they'd look great in my garden. Interesting that you caught the planes refuelling mid-air. How often can that happen? As you say, it would be a pretty tricky manoeuvre.

  21. That is quite the trick! Love all the flowers! They are so pretty this time of year.

  22. Beautiful photographs! I love the selective colour piece, and the close-up of the flowers is just gorgeous.


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