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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - April 13, 2014

Welcome! - I hope you've all had a wonderful week.  It's been a good (but busy) one here.  The weather though has been lovely and that's made me very happy.

I've missed a couple of weeks of Scavenger Hunt Sunday, Hosted by Ashley (Ramblings & Photos). I wanted to make sure and participate this week.

Here are the prompts:  Neglected,  Signs of Spring, Last Thing You Bought,
Shadow, and Four Things.

Let's get started:  Click to Enlarge Photos.


There is a house about a block away from us that a tree fell on during a windstorm back in 2008 that has remained vacant & is up for sale but nothing has been done to repair the damage from the storm and the yard is over run, neglected.  I went down today and took some pictures of the place. Here is one showing some of the neglect.


This is farming country (also wine country) and around here Green Fields are signs of spring.

             A wheat field with the Blue Mountains in the background.

Here is another sign of spring:

Take a close look,  this little sparrow is building a nest and has twigs in it's mouth.

LAST THING YOU BOUGHT:  Today I bought more stuff to make another one of these:

because this one that I made today is already gone!  It's Monkey Bread and the recipe I used can be found by clicking on the link.

SHADOW:  There not much of a shadow in this photo but I can say that whenever I'm outside and he's outside he is pretty much my shadow following me everywhere.


FOUR THINGS:  I didn't know if we needed 4 different things or 4 of the same thing for this one but I went with 4 of the same thing.

                              Tulips in my mom's flower garden

So that's it for this week's Scavenger Hunt.  Do stop by and check out the other participants and consider joining in as well.


  1. Love the tulips shot! Great selections.

  2. I like what you found - especially the green wheat fields!

  3. Wow, the green and blue of the field are stunning!

  4. Wow, Ghost is much like my Monster, that makes twice today I've seen his other self in blogs. Your neglect is just perfect and one I had hoped to catch this week, but ran out of chances to do it. Great photos!

  5. great shots. What a shame about the old house. Those green fields are so beautiful. We are still rather brown for the most part here but should be greening up by next week.

  6. I'll be right over for some of that monkey bread - wow, it looks amazing :)

    Beautiful pictures, Ida, especially the tulip one. Have a lovely week - hugs!

  7. That is such a shame about the neglected house. I'm so sorry to see that. I love how you used your shadow kitty for the shadow prompt. My fave today is the bird and the beautiful colors in that photo. Wow!

  8. Love that green fields shot. I have been wondering how Ghost is sweet that he follows you around.

    Love the tulips-gorgeous.

    I know you commented about RAW and jpg and I did not have time to answer then, but I do now. Shooting RAW allows your picture to keep more detail. Jpg your camera is already applying
    some editing to your photo such as sharpening, saturation, etc... And each time you edit a jpg you are degrading the picture quality.

    RAW also helps you better recover a photo if it is too dark or too light, for example. In editing you can choose to recover highlights and shadows or lower them which can help darken or lighten your photo. You can do this in jpg too but you don't have as much of the original pixels to work with so you can not recover as many highlights and shadows as you can in RAW.

    RAW photos need some tweaking as the colors are not as bright and photos overall are not as sharp as a jpg-because in jpg the camera applies some sharpening and color correction to the photo already. RAW has nothing applied to the photo.

  9. Nice choices! The second and last photos are gorgeous!

  10. I really like your picture # 2

  11. Too bad houses like that get neglected. The 4 tulips are so bright and cheerful; looking forward to seeing ours come up soon. Welcome back to SHS. Diane #15

  12. Those tulips are gorgeous!! And so is your cat! I love your takes on the prompts :) Stopping by from the scavenger hunt!

  13. Great shots, as always! Such a shame that that beautiful house has been so neglected.
    I'm so envious of your green fields. (We got a little more snow yesterday, and are back below freezing for a few days. Sigh.) And the sparrow photo is just gorgeous - it's my favourite of the set!

  14. Nice photos, especially of the tulips and the bird. And boy do I love monkey bread!!

  15. Ida, your pictures are fabulous. I don't think that delicious looking monkey bread would last very long at my house either. Wishing you a great week!

  16. OMG, that tree!!!! Lucky it missed the house. The photo of Ghost was my favorite though.

  17. Beautiful photos, I love the little bird with twigs in its mouth.

  18. Love seeing those tulips! Nothing like that here yet north of Toronto!

  19. It's sad to see houses neglected like that. You got some great signs of spring!! The monkey bread looks so good!

  20. Awesome photos my friend. Love the little birdy in the tree. And your kitty shot always makes me smile.

    I had 2 cats, One passed almost 2 years ago. And my other sweet kitty we had to put down. She quite eating the vet said they could do a bunch of test to see why. But she was 18 years old and we thought it was time. We keep saying we are going to get another cat and we will.. But traveling so much we thought we might wight a bit.

    Happy Monday to you!


  21. These are all lovely interpretations. I especially like the spring and four things shots.

  22. you had a great week ida, all wonderful images!!

    the birds are busy setting up shop this time of year, it is soooo fun to watch them.

    mom's tulips are gorgeous!!

  23. love your signs of spring photo! and your cute shadow. beautiful last shot of 4, too. :)

  24. Lovely tulips! I picked up a couple of pots at Wal-Mart this week for one dollar each and they are the same color as these. The bread looks so yummy. I think I'll have to try it.

  25. Ida you have such lovely view from your area! The neglected property is sad--I hope someone buys the land and rebuilds on it one day in the future.

    PS: The nice thing about seeing an opera in Denver is that there is a little screen on the backs of all the seats that flash the English words to what is being sung on stage, so it is easy to follow along and understand.
    At the movie broadcast of the NYC opera there are subtitles in English on the bottom of the screen--after a few minutes you don't even realize you are reading. It makes it very enjoyable! :)

  26. ...a really sad fate for the home; my favourites were the wheat field and the sparrow Ida, cheers

  27. Good Morning Ida! I enjoyed your signs of Spring and for shadows, the kitty. It hasn't been feeling very Spring-ie in Missouri but things should improve today. Sad over Nancy retiring her blog and the loss of R5F. Thank you for the follow. I had added you to my Feedly Reader and am following you by email today.. :) Maybe I can stay on top of blog posts that way!

  28. Terrific photos! I especially like the cat. I have to get back to doing the Scavenger Hunt. I really enjoy it.


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