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Friday, January 9, 2015

Willy-Nilly Friday 5

Happy Friday!

Let's join Tanya (Around Roanoke) for some fun with,

1.  We've had some amazing sunsets lately.  I took this first shot out our back door one evening.  The one following it Coleen took on her phone at the grocery store the other night.  It was super cool looking and naturally I didn't have my own camera with me.  I think she got a great shot though.

 2.  Coleen and I went up to Bennington Lake this past weekend.  We were just going to look at the lake for a few minutes since it was so cold outside.  Instead we got out of the car and went for a hike.  I snapped a couple of shots along the way that I thought were interesting.

What does this remind you of?  I'll see if you thought it looked like what I thought of.  I'll tell you at the end of the post what it reminded me of.

I liked the curves of these branches at the top of a hill.  Notice there are several little birds in the branches at the left of the shot.

3.  Sharing a "random" photo not posted in 2014 that we also took at Bennington Lake.  I was told these are "wild plums." - We went back about 2 days after I had taken this photo to see if we could get another photo and all of the plums were gone.  Either someone picked them or a lot of hungry animals ate them.

4.  I've been walking again this week.  I take my mom's dog, Pixie along and have been doing about 2 miles each day on the walk.  I'm hoping to drop a few pounds and walking is good exercise.  Perhaps one of these days when it warms up I'll take the camera along too.  The scenery is still a bit drab looking for picture taking.

5.  This week has had it's (moments) and right now I feel a bit like our cat, Callie-Jo looks here:

There are changes in the air regarding church and family that have me wondering just how 2015 is going to play out.  Can't say more then this right now but I hate (change.)

Okay as promised about photo #3 - I thought this reminded me of a Dinosaur's head.  - Did you think that too?


  1. i saw a 'skull'. :)

    love the cat photo and the branchy trees. nice!

  2. Hi Callie Jo, stay warm kitties. We hear it's mighty cold outside.

    Emma and Buster

  3. Uh oh...change...I hope 2015 plays out in your favour!

  4. The shot that Coleen got of the clouds in the sky.. that is what we have been seeing in Missouri lately. Cool shot! Love the twisty, wonky branches. Your Mom has a dog named Pixie? I can't believe how many people and pets I have found out have my name too in the last week! Those wild plums are beautiful!

  5. i thought it looked like a bear rug someone left in the snow.. i love love love the curvy limbs shot. and Coleen did a fantastic job with her cell phone. beautiful sky. oh no on the change. i don't like change either

  6. Oh wow that sunset is beautiful.

  7. That photo did remind me of some kind of animal head or skull. I feel like Callie-Jo myself right now. You both captured gorgeous sunsets! I need to be on the lookout for some!! Interesting about the wild plums. I thought they were grapes!

  8. #1 I'd say!
    #2 The head of a dead horse?
    #2b I must say that your eyesight is much better than mine.
    #3 Too bad you didn't make some jelly, maybe someone else did.
    #4 Good for you, I should drop a ton!
    #5 Sleepy are we?
    I don't like change either. OK dinosaur, dead horse head they're about the same.
    Enjoy the weekend. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  9. I love the kitty picture and your sunset is just beautiful.

  10. Now that you have pointed out what the log looks like, I can see it, but I thought it was a log with snow on it. ;-) What a beautiful sunset. Church issues are always a bit stressful, but the good Lord always seems to have something positive in mind....we just don't know what it is, and want to have control over it.!

  11. Uh-oh. Grumpy cat face. :( :( :(

    Can you explain Will Nilly Friday to me?

  12. Love those sunset shots! Yeah, we've been getting some amazing sunrises and sunsets here in Portland too. Sadly though I miss most of them 'cause I'm at work. :(

  13. Callie-Jo seems to have life all figured out:) maybe we should all take a lesson like that. Love your photos. Hug B

  14. Beautiful clouds!! Love the curvy branches, too!

  15. I like your Willy-Nilly 5.. The sunsets are beautiful and yes you are right on the dinosaur head.. I still feel rather new at the small church I am going to..Cant' describe my thoughts on it.. Still not quite feeling home.. Not sure! Keep up with the walking!!!

  16. Winter sunsets are so gorgeous. That's funny about the dinosaur head. First thing I thought was that it looked like an ancient animal fossil heaved up by the frozen earth. All beautiful photos. I feel like your kitty, too.

  17. I was thinking about a sheeps head.
    The sunsets are - wow!
    Your photos alway enjoy me, that curvy branches are very nice. (My plumtree in the garden is dead now)
    The cat photo looks tired, but somhow funny too.
    Have a great weekend

  18. Hello Ida, I love the sunset shots! Colleen did beautiful with her phone shot..I have been trying to walk more now too..It is a good exercise.. Your Callie-Jo looks very relaxed.. I hope all is well, have a great weekend!

  19. Lovely sky shots.

    I was thinking camel head. :)

  20. I walk too for exersize. I had to give up all the strenuous sports, but hiking is still allowed.

  21. Great shots! Love the sunsets and the dead branches. What a shame about the wild plums! They are so luscious-looking!

  22. Callie-Joe looks Awesome! and, speaking of awesome . . those grapes sure are tempting.

    I thought it was a nifty piece of wood . . in my defense, my puppy has a collection of nifty looking wood pieces t carry around the yard . . . it's cool stuff for us these days . .

  23. those are some gorgeous sunsets you captured! we had a really spectacular one the other night, and I had neither camera NOR phone on me. ugh.
    I loved the curved tree branches. It looks beautiful and a bit eerie.
    And I thought that one pic definitely looked like an animal skull of some kind.

  24. Stunning sunset images!

    I agree with TexWisGirl, and see a skull.

    I love the photo of your Callie-Jo :D

    Hang tough - we went through changes with our church this past year and are still adjusting, but all will settle down eventually. Remember Who is in control. :)


  25. i was thinking a skull of some, wild plums, they look like grapes, i wonder how they taste? hope the changes in 2015 are good ones...good for you on the walking and i bet your little friend loves it too! callie-jo is looking worn out, such a cute photo....coleen got some great photos of the sunset and i also like those squiggly trees! thank you for linking and have a wonderful week!

  26. The skies are nothing short of spectacular!! It's amazing the images you can get with a cell phone!!

  27. I am not a fan of change, either, but I hope you end up being okay with whatever changes.

    Enjoyed your 5....

  28. I think Colleen's sunset picture is wonderful! Very neat clouds.
    I saw a "skull".


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