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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Book Review - Deadly Echoes

Today I am reviewing the book, Deadly Echoes by Nancy Mehl.  I received a copy of this book from Bethany House Publishing for my honest review.

After a youth filled with tragedy and upheaval, Sarah Miller's life is finally settled with all echoes of the past silent at last. She happily calls Sanctuary her home and spends her days teaching at the local school.

Sarah's joy at her recent reunion with her sister, Hannah, and meeting the niece she didn't know she had is too soon interrupted when Deputy Sheriff Paul Gleason informs Sarah her sister has been killed.

As she learns more about Hannah's death, the circumstances are eerily similar to their parents' murder. Sarah enlists Paul's help in digging deeper into the murders the police are dismissing as burglaries gone wrong. Paul's concern encourages Sarah's growing feelings for him, but as their investigation peels back the layers of lies almost twenty years old, they get close to uncovering the truth one person will do anything to hide--even if that means coming after the last remaining members of the Miller family.
My thoughts:  First off this is Book 2 in a series called, Finding Sanctuary.  I had not read Book 1 and was apprehensive about reading a book that is part of a series.  Sometimes you find that you've missed out on a big part of the story because you haven't read the first book.  That was not the case with Deadly Echoes.  It stands on it's own and while there were characters in the book from the 1st of the series you were told how they fit into this story so you weren't left wondering what was going on.
I love reading Murder/Mystery novels so I was excited when I read the excerpt from this book.  It wasn't a (period) novel and it sounded intriguing.
The main Character, Sarah Miller lives in a small town and had just been reunited with her older sister after they had been separated when their parents were murdered as a young girl.  The excitement and joy of their reunion though is cut short when her sister is also murdered in a similar manner as their parents were 20 years earlier.
The police dismissed her parents murder as nothing more than a burglary gone bad and now it seems they may be doing the same thing with her sister's death. 
Sarah enlists the aid of the local Deputy Sheriff, Paul Gleason and together they embark on a journey to find the truth out about her sister's death.
Sarah is a Christian and struggles in this story with feelings of hatred and anger towards the killers of her parents and sister.  She is also dealing with emotional issues from her past and the author shows how through her faith she gains self-confidence and learns to trust God to help see her through this situation.
Along with the suspense in the story there is also romance (who doesn't love romance) so you get double the pleasure from reading this novel.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish and look forward to the next book in this series when it comes out.  I even plan to read the first book of the series because I really liked this one and think the author did a great job keeping your attention and interest in the story and it's characters.


  1. this is exactly what i like to read. sounds great to me.. will check it out in Kindle

  2. sounds like a really good book. I should make a note of it.

    How are you guys doing? Think about you every day.

  3. Oh, I love a good romantic mystery! Th book sounds good, thanks for the review - I will put it on my reading list! I belong to a blogger book club that would love this review - If you would like to join, here is the link: You can also find it on my side bar. Hugs xo Karen

  4. Sounds like a good one and if I didn't already have so many books on my list of books I would add it. : )

  5. a nice review, i am glad you enjoyed it!!!!!


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