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Friday, March 13, 2015

Fill-In Fun, Randoms, Willy-Nilly's & Cats

Friday's are so much fun!  You get to play along with Nancy (A Rural Journal) and Tanya (Around Roanoke) for their memes:


Plus I will be sharing as well for (Feline Art, Feline Friday and Follow-Friday for Fill-In Fun.)  Yes it's a lot to take in so hopefully you don't get overwhelmed with everything.  I could do separate posts if it's too much.  Let me know what you all think about including so many memes in one post.

So let's get started:

1.  Last Sunday when we got home from church we discovered that my mom's dog, Pixie had gotten out as the back door hadn't been closed tight enough and the little stinker pulled it open.  The Animal Control Officer had picked her up and left us a note.  Needless to say we were quite bummed out about this, especially my mom.  After doing some calling and pleading we were able to get her dog back.  Let's just say that we got her back on a Sunday by the "Grace of God" and a very kind ACO.  Speaking of dogs.....

 You all haven't seen our Pug, Cricket in awhile so here she is.  I wish she wasn't panting all the time so I could get a good picture of her with her mouth closed but I think this one is pretty cute anyway.

2.  Spring is in the air here and boy do I love it.  The flowers are starting to bloom and the trees are leafing and budding out.  Such a pretty time to take a walk especially when you can see this:

 3. Last week I mentioned that we are gearing up for a big concert here come August 13-15.  It's been generating a lot of news around here.  What's funny is now people are starting to complain about the location of the concert.  Home owners are worried about the noise and the crowds walking around the neighborhood, the city planners are trying to figure out traffic control, crowd control etc...  Shouldn't they have thought all that out "Before" booking these groups to play here.

4. This weeks (creepy) neighborhood find.  - A Chinese Dog/Lion? Which is it?  These people have two of these things side by side.  I find them a bit creepy looking.  Speaking of Creepy... What do you all think of Mattel's new Talking Barbie  -  I had one of those Chatty Cathy dolls when I was a kid and remember me & my cousin playing together with our dolls one night when she was staying over, I never thought of it as being creepy but this Barbie I think goes a bit to far.

5.  Wow Easter isn't far off and I was excited yesterday to see that the "Egg Tree" is up again.  I can't remember why this lady puts the eggs on the tree but I think it's really fun and so cute and springlike.


Coleen and ""Peaches" another neighborhood cat.  He is so cool and has the weirdest meow, it's like he has laryngitis when he meows.  Sharing with Steve (The Burnt Food Dude) for Feline Friday.

Also sharing this shot of Peaches (below) for Feline Art Friday:

Here is the original:

Joining Hilary for Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun.

The statements:
  1. The worst ____________ is _______________
  2. I would rather____________________  than _____________
  3. I can ________ but I wish I could ________
  4. The song ________________ evokes memories of _______________

My answers:  1.  The worst part of getting older (I have a birthday next Friday) is more aches and pains as each year passes.
2.  I would rather be at the beach than in the mountains.
3.  I can sing but I wish I could play the piano.
4.  The song, How Great Thou Art evokes memories of my dad, it was his favorite hymn.

Hope you had fun here today.  Be sure to stop back by next Friday as it's my birthday (20th), the first day of spring and I will be celebrating with a little Giveaway.


  1. Peaches is adorable. I love cats and I sure wish I wasn't allergic to cats. I'd have a lot of cats.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday. ☺

  2. Glad your mom got her dog back!!
    Love the spring picture. The pink and blue are beautiful.
    This is the first I've heard of a talking Barbie.

  3. The Germans puts easter eggs on there bushes and trees too :)

  4. Hi Ida,
    Pixie and the kitty are awesome. So are the blossoms.
    Have a Beautiful Day!
    Peace :)

  5. My goodness you're busy Ida keeping up all those memes going, but you've nailed it and written a great post to cover everything. I love your feline pictures. Colleen looks lovely too. And what a cutie your little dog is. It looks like spring has sprung in your neck of the woods: lovely blossom. All the best for a great weekend, Bonny
    PS hope your hubby is still doing well.

  6. I'm glad you were able to get your mom's dog back. :)
    Cricket is adorable. Have a great pre-birthday week!

  7. glad you were able to get your mother's dog back!

  8. peaches is beautiful and so is the art shot.. Coleen looks happy with peaches and both look so sweet.
    i am with you on the plan ahead of time, not after.. i would be very upset if they had a loud concert close to my house. as it is we have to put up with the band practice and football games from the highschool and they are 10 blocks away from us, but microphone sounds carry.

  9. Oh I am so jealous of your lovely spring pics. It is far from that here. Colleen is sure growing up, they do that don't they!! Happy Friday and so glad your Mom got her dog back!!

  10. I like the kitty pics, the signs of Spring such as the egg tree, have seen those before and the beautiful flowers on the fruit tree. Have a great weekend.

  11. Awww...Cricket is cute!! No blooms here...not for quite a long time. I have to live vicariously through other bloggers for spring flowers!

  12. Always happy to see the most handsome Cricket. He's a beautiful pug even with his mouth open. Nothing is blooming here like it is there, but spring is definitely in the air. Wonderful pic of Coleen and cat!

  13. That statue is kinda creepy; I'd expect it in a museum, not a neighborhood. I haven't seen the talking Barbie but there is one episode of Twilight Zone that's sort of upped the creep-factor of talking dolls. (Talkie Tina)

  14. Nice kitties and a cute pug. Love the tree blossoms. Our Bradford pears are in bloom and the bees are buzzing.

  15. Love the tag out - such a doggie pose!

  16. Ida,
    Cricket is a cute pug. At least she stops long enough for you to capture a shot. My Boston is way to wiggly.

    We are getting a nice dose of spring too. I love your blooms. It'll be a while before we have any of those.

    An egg tree for Easter is fun!

    Don't worry about our barn cats, we feed them cat food too. They also get their pickings from the "chicken bucket" before I let the hens out.

  17. Have a peachy weekend! Cheers~!

  18. Hi Ida, That egg tree does look like spring - mine would look silly with all the snow around it! Cricket is a cutie.

  19. Love the egg tree. Fun to see your pup and the neighborhood cat. Some folks just want to complain ... no matter where the concert is located. Fun post. Happy Friday!

  20. #1 WOW , a face only a mother could love.
    #2 Looks good to me.
    #3 You would think.
    #4 Nice pair of guard dogs.
    #5 Let's not rush things.
    Tom The Backroads Traveller

  21. That's such a cute shot of Colleen and Peaches. Have a happy birthday!

  22. Very nice Friday 5! Glad your Mom was able to get her dog back from Animal Control on Sunday! (and I hope without a huge cost!). Love the beautiful spring blossoms!

  23. Coleen must have a way with animals...she is a pretty girl. Thank God you got Pixie back...I am looking forward to is slower coming here...your creepy thing is definitely creepy. I have not heard the talking Barbie...after what you say maybe I don't want to.

  24. A busy Friday.....I need to take a look at these Friday events and perhaps, join in. Interesting....and I enjoyed all the news...

  25. Yes, exquisite colors in these wonderful flowers, I love it, beautiful photos.

  26. Your granddaughter is beautiful, the pets are charming, your pictures are all wonderful. But the spring flowering tree makes my heart skip a beat! Just wonderful. Thanks for the memories!!!

  27. So sorry the dog got out, and glad you got it back! Some of them become real escape artists, i hope your mom's doesn't.

    Your city planners sound like ours, step into it first, think later.

    Chinese lion dogs do look odd to me, too. Easter trees look better, and so do flowers.

    Love the cat picture, and your answers to the fill in.

    Have a great weekend!

  28. I agree-those things should have been thought of before saying yes. Pretty spring flowers. Wonderful shots of Colleen and Peaches. Looks like Peaches is well fed.

  29. A fun post, as always! My favourite photo is the beautiful blossoms. So beautiful!
    PS Coleen is really growing up, isn't she?!

  30. Pugs do like to pant don't they? So glad your Mom got her dog back....sounds like a lucky pup! Spring is a'springing with those lovely blossoms. The egg tree is a treat as is the cute 'throaty' cat. :)

  31. You were lucky that you found the dog ! Yours looks so funny ! We are still far from spring, it's still too cold, but some snowdrops showed their nose !

  32. Naughty Pixie! Glad your mom got Pixie back! Cricket is cute even panting. I LOVE all the blossoms!

  33. Wow, that was a lot to take in, but fun! LOVE that Easter Egg tree. lol

  34. I don't think I knew about this link party...looks fun. Maybe I can do it next Friday..

  35. Oh little Cricket is just too cute! The blossom that you have captured is something that I am desparate to see here. I keep checking my trees but we have a little while yet, the daffodils are cheerily letting us know they are here though. Have a wonderful weekend and looking forward to wishing you a happy birthday next Friday xx

  36. A fabulous post. I didn't have any trouble at all getting through it. I enjoyed reading your randomness. I really enjoyed your photos.

    Hugs, Linda
    My Happy Place

  37. Oh, I'd really like to put eggs in my maple tree in the front yard!! the kids would love it.
    and I could definitely use a trip to a beach these days. after a couple of days of warmer weather and even rain: I am looking at a blizzard out my window again.

  38. You covered all the meme bases well!
    It has been a long time since I made an egg tree for Easter. I used to do it for my kids. This one makes me want to make one again.
    Are those blooms this year's blooms? If so you are way ahead of us.

  39. Such a cute pug! The egg tree looks wonderful.

  40. I prefer the beach to the mountains too :)

  41. Very cute kitty. You are lucky you can sing- I am the worst singer ever :)

  42. Love all the pictures! Feline Friday looks like fun.

  43. Thank goodness you were able to get Cricket back! Great photos. Can't help but love the signs of spring. Love your photo art any time you want to share it, too!

  44. I am so envious of all your lovely spring images, we are still waiting for the snow to melt! And how beautiful is Peaches! She has such wonderful coloring and I love how you framed her in your photo!

  45. cute pic of coleen and peaches and the puggie! awwww...yeah, not a fan really of that statue! kinda weird....hadn't heard of the talking barbie...looks like that will be the hot toy this christmas...thanks for linking and happy st. paddy's day!

  46. oh, btw, love that easter egg tree!

  47. Love seeing that spring is in the air for you. Hoping it isn't far behind for me.

  48. Glad that you found Pixie!
    Beautiful picture of Coleen!
    And wow! You already have real spring, I want to move to Walla Walla now. :)


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