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Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Fun - August 14, 2015

Happy Friday! - Summer is sure winding down fast.  School for Coleen starts in 12 days.  - In some ways she is ready to head back but in others she's still wanting to enjoy being "lazy" and staying in bed until 10:00 in the morning.
1.  So do any of you watch the show,  Skin Wars? - I got into it midway through the 1st season and have been keeping up with the current season.  I've even gotten Coleen interested in watching with me.  So one day she comes out and has "body painted" her leg.  Here she is with her art work:

Here is closer view of her art work:  So do you think maybe someday she might compete on Skin Wars?

2. One afternoon earlier this summer we stopped at our favorite local produce store.  As we parked we spotted this deer in a small corn field next to the store.  It proceeded to move into another field where I captured this sweet shot.  We love finding deer to photograph.
3.  Have you seen the commercial with the "Free Range Chicken" commercial for Geico insurance? 
 Well we have our own free range chickens as the neighbors next door to my mom have chickens now and they just let them roam free.  Quite often they visit my mom's yard to eat the food we leave out for the squirrels and birds.
Here is one of them:
4.  Do you like finding new stuff to photograph? I do.  The other night I was driving home and spotted some flowers in an alleyway.  Thankfully I had my camera with me so I stopped and photographed them.  I had no clue what they were though so I "googled" - White Squash Like Flowers With Spiky Seed pods.  It worked as I discovered what my flowers are. You've got to love Google!
Here is the seed pod:
So do any of you know what these flowers are?  - After googling the above I learned they are called,  Moonflowers because they tend to bloom at night.

These must have been confused though as it was around noon when I took these photos.

5.  About a week and a half a small kitten showed up on my mom's front porch.  We had no clue where it came from.  It ran when we tried to catch it.  Then we spent the next week leaving food out for it behind our house.  It would hide in the brush and junk between our back fence and the back neighbors.  We could get it fairly close to it but could never seem to get it caught.  I snapped this photo of the kitten sitting on a piece of the fencing.

We think someone "dumped" the poor thing.  After several days of feeding the kitten - Which Coleen had decided was a girl even though we didn't know for sure and had even named her,  we managed to catch it and took it to the Vet to be checked out.

It turns out it was indeed a female kitten and well you know the rest of the story......

Here is Pepper on Coleen's bed. - We now have 8 (yes, we're nuts) cats at our place.  We just couldn't leave her to fend for herself so we've adopted her.
Joining Steve from The Burnt Food Dude for Feline Friday.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Oh how I want pepper for myself!!! She's such a doll.

    And the moonflower. I knew the blossom but I've never EVER seen the seed pod before.

    Love the froggie leg art too. Talented!!

  2. ps...really like your new profile image.

  3. Number 8 is adorable and thanks for the Geico Chicken ad, i have not seen that one. yes, Coleen is talented and is good for skin wars. I love new fodder for my camera and never leave home without it.

  4. Enjoy the end of summer - she did a great job on the frog!

  5. Coleen looks like she is well on her way to competing on Skin Wars!!!!

  6. Hello, Coleen's body art is cute. Pretty flowers, I have heard of the moon flowers. Cute sighting of the deer. And congrats on your new kitty, I am glad it has a happy home. Have a great weekend!

  7. Just found your blog and I will be coming back. I like to take photos and we do rescue cats...Love your images.

  8. Pepper is so cute! Yep, I have seen moon flowers blooming during the day too. ;)

  9. I have really enjoyed those moonflowers...what did Coleen use to do the painting with--acrylics?

    And that kitty--who could resist it. She is adorable.

  10. ''My, what a shiny black nose you have, my dear...''

  11. Pretty kitten, but really...8????

  12. Your new addition is a sweet one! She's lucky that you found her.

  13. What a delightful post, Ida! ! I've never watched that show but I loved her artsy frog. She has talent for sure. I also loved that cute deer, the free range chicken (so cool!), your newly discovered flower. I thought it was a bit like a Morning Glory that is only supposed to bloom once in the morning and fall off in the evening. I was so curious I did some googling myself. This quote says there are two types of moon flowers: "There are two plants that are called moonflowers, one is the datura, which stays open in the daytime with a huge white trumpet-shaped flower, and is fragrant in the evening. The other is a morning-glory type vine with a huge, white fragrant flower that blooms at dusk. I plant those with morning glories and they bloom together in the morning, before they both close about 10am or so." Anyhow, the main thing is your appreciation and curiosity about those lovely blooms that I'm betting many would have missed entirely. As for Pepper, she is absolutely adorable. I am so happy she has found a home with you and Coleen!

  14. Awww that kitten is adorable beyond words.

    Hope you have a purrfect Feline Friday. ☺

  15. Coleen may have an art career ahead of her! Good for her!
    Pepper is pretty. How old is she? With rescue and rehab, we have had more than 8 cats. It does happen, just like you described. I am sure you will have her spayed asap. It will keep her safe at home, healthy and happy. So sad to see so many homeless. Pepper is a lucky girl.

  16. So glad Pepper allowed herself to be caught as she will now have a fabulous kitty life with you and Colleen. And she is fluffy-bonus!

  17. Awww, that sweet kitty couldn't have come to a better home!

  18. So glad Pepper let herself be caught by you. She will have a wonderful life with you...and she is fluffy too-bonus!

  19. Oh Ida... She is just precious! What a blessed little kitty to have found you and your home. You just know she is going to be one HAPPY little gal. :)
    Bless your heart for taking in those who are in need.

    Joy! Debbie

  20. Pepper is adorable!!! You are wonderful for giving her a home :)
    Does you mom get to enjoy any eggs from the neighbors chicken?
    I know Moonflowers! I raised them and Moon Vine one year. Moon Vine did bloom at night, while Moonflower just bloomed when it felt like it!


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