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Friday, March 18, 2016

Willy Nilly Friday Five

Hooray for Friday!

Let's join Tanya (Around Roanoke) for WILLY-NILLY FRIDAY FIVE.

1.  Last weekend was the annual WWCC College Rodeo.  They always hold a Cowboy Breakfast and do a kids rodeo where the kids can rope (fake) cows, ride a (fake) bull, ride around on a horse etc...  I always take Coleen to this event and for the last few years she has had her picture taken with the Fair Court.  This is this years photo from this event.

2.  It was a rainy weekend last week.  -  Sunday we had a major downpour.  We have this dip in our driveway that fills up with water when it rains really hard.  I stepped out the back door and snapped this shot of what we joking refer to as, "The Krause Lake" during this storm.

Isn't it cool.  There are concentric circles, bubbles & little rain tubes in this shot.

3. Of course it hasn't been all bad weather this spring and we are enjoying lots of lovely spring trees.  This one is in a nearby neighbors yard.  I love this tree and take photos of the blooms almost every spring.

4.  It's not often that I get to take a decent picture of our dog, Cricket so when I do get one I like to share it.  I was outside the other day and she was sitting so nicely that I just had to take her picture.

While I was taking her picture I also spotted a cute little squirrel in the next door neighbors tree and so I'm going to share that photo too.

5.  Finally I've been having a few (down) moments lately which I'm sure from time to time everyone has.  I had snapped a photo of our cat, Snickers the other day and was looking for an appropriate quote to go with it.

I'm celebrating a big birthday this weekend on Sunday and feeling like I'm getting old.

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Great photos and cute animals...
    Please send the rain to us, we need more water for spring growing ;-)
    A rodeo must be a big fun
    Have a nice weekend without to many preparing stress

  2. Really great five, Ida, I loved each one though possibly the Krause Lake rain shot is my fav!
    Have a very happy birthday!

  3. Thank you so much for this treat

  4. happy birthday to you! keep on truckin! :)

  5. #1 what, no hat?
    #2 lovely ripples
    #3 pink beauty
    #4 smiling little devil
    #5 don;t let the moments control your day
    enjoy your 39th birthday again.

  6. Sounds like a fun event!

    Love your lake and your other photos. I do believe this is the first time I've seen your pretty dog.

    Great quote.

  7. They all look so cute in that picture and Colleen is such a pretty girl. And how wonderful to have a cowboy breakfast for the kids. That must be a whole lot of fun by the sound of it. It was rainy here in the early part of the week but now we having breezy, cool but sunny days and SNOW on Sunday!!! Your Krause Lake shot is really pretty with the ring patterns on them, yes very cool! I went out and took photos of spring flowers this morning. It is looking really pretty in my favorite garden. Love your cherry blossom photo. Cricket is a real sweet little dog, great picture and good catch on the squirrel. I like the sunlight in both shots. Love the quote on Snickers photo. And a Happy Birthday to you Ida, may it be the happiest and most fun day for you.

  8. I enjoyed these...Happy Birthday....hope you get to celebrate All Day Long!

  9. that quote is purrfect for the photo. and Cricket is adorable. Coleen is beautiful and that is a wonderful memory caught in a photo... i would like to go to a cowboy breakfast if there are cowboys there.

  10. The puddles and rain drops hitting them is awesome! We had quite the rainy week, too!

  11. The rainy day made me happy to be in Florida, but then the beautiful flowering tree made me miss the Pacific Northwest. When we had our home in Springfield (Oregon, our other life), our backyard turned into a marsh when it rained like that. I swear you could sink in it! Your "lake" is at least pretty! Thanks for the smiles and for the memories!

  12. Beautiful ladies (and YOUR lady!) and beautiful raindrops, flowers and other heralds of spring! Cute pug (can't use the word beautiful exactly, so cute will have to suffice. :-) ) Have an awesome week!

  13. Blessings......
    Yes in maneuvering life there are peeks and valleys. It is in the moments of valleys that we remember that "this too shall pass" it is good to feel it, just don't saturate in it.

    Tradition is good - it give us a sense of connectedness.
    Great shots of the dog - looks like he has quite the personality, the Squirrel-busy doing its thing and the cat-looking at you as if to say, "why you taking my photo?"

    Feel better, don't drown in the melancholy focus on the blessings.


    “The highest education is that which does not merely give us information, but makes our life in harmony with all existence”-Rabindranath Tagore

  14. Ida, don't feel down. Special birthdays are a way of saying "you made it"! "Go forth and use your experience and knowledge to make the next few years full of more enrichment". Happy Special Birthday! You survived! Chel p.s. Cricket is so adorable! x

  15. I love all of your shares,especially the last one,have a great weekend !phyllis

  16. Hi, Ida! Just wanted to say I enjoyed my visit today. Really love the water in the driveway photo in this post. Yes, very cool! And Coleen is looking more like a young lady every day. Such beautiful spring photos you've shared recently. All those flowering trees -- love! Such a wonderful season.

  17. Wow, these photos are seriously pretty. Happy birthday!

  18. Happy Birthday! So lovely and positive aspects captured through your camera lens! blossoms, squirrel, good thoughts...lovely! And many thanks for sharing all of these with us! Have a wonderful Springtime!


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