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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Snowy Fences and Mixed up Birds

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We here in the PNW (Pacific Northwest) have been having a very cold & snowy winter. - It started snowing here where I live on New Years Day and pretty much snowed everyday for a solid week.  The last snowfall we had was yesterday.  We probably have at least a 18-22 inches. 

Here is a scene from yesterday:  Click to enlarge photos.

As you can see here the sidewalks have been shoveled somewhat - I ended up pulling a muscle in my arm the day before shoveling snow. 
I did take a walk on Sunday after one of the snow storms and took some snowy fence shots.

These I'm sharing for Good Fences today.

Yesterday I happened to look out our dining room window and saw some birds flying up into the neighbors Hawthorne trees.  Something about them caught my eye so I got my camera and went out to photograph them.

What was unusual you might ask....

These are Robins! - A bird that usually doesn't show up until Springtime.

There were lots & lots of them in the trees. 

They would pull the berries off the Hawthorne tree and drop them in the street to eat them.

I also noticed them at the little stream that runs through one of the neighbors place drinking water.

It just amazed me how many there were and in the middle of a snow storm.  They pretty much stayed all day long picking berries off the trees.  Towards late afternoon the sun actually came out for a few minutes and I captured this little fellow with some blue sky.

Today I haven't seen a single Robin and I just took a walk across the street to where the Hawthorne trees are located.  The Robins picked them clean yesterday!

In the midst of the cold and snow it was nice to see these lovely birds.


  1. woe definitely you have a snowy winter. Love from Europe.

  2. Now that's a lot of snow. Wow! I think the robins are confused. I saw one here in Illinois a couple of weeks ago. They are usually long gone and don't come back until spring. Hope your snow melts soon.

  3. Wonderful snowy scenes and fences Ida! Probably more than enough by now!
    I really loved seeing the robins - much bigger than our European ones but the are so pretty in the snowy branches, & hungry too!
    Best wishes!

  4. the robins have been confused for several years now - they always seem to show up early. you got some great images!

    i love your fences, snow looks especially beautiful on fences!!!

  5. Great shots. Here we have 2 pairs of cardinals all year round. Odd here because there is no winter and odd that they stay year round. Or maybe they are just smarter and realize that staying here, they don't have to deal with cold and snow.

  6. many shades of white, and then comes red. :) Love your Robins. :)

  7. Amazing to see Robins in the snow!
    I like the brick (stone?) fence with the snow caps

  8. Love your snowy photos - the birds in the trees.

  9. Lovely selection of photographs, especially those robins!

    All the best Jan

  10. We have not had much snow here as of yet. We had a bit of a storm on Saturday but it's all melted now. I read someplace that robins are overwintering more and more now instead of migrating. I'm not sure why though.

  11. Beautiful snow photos! Not only the fences, but the robins, too. I am a bit surprised they're hanging around that far north.

  12. Ida, you and others have been showing robins in the snow. Our robins in Upstate New York are no where to be seen. Our snow is gone with little or none in the forecast! Thanks so much for stopping by.

  13. How nice to see those Robins. Though, a bit unusual! That is a huge amount of snow. If we had that, we would be out of school for a week!

  14. Hello Ida, great fences and oh my goodness all that snow, no wonder you strained your arm shovelling it.
    What a lucky find those Robins were - really lovely photos of them enjoying the berries. Cheers now, stay warm :D)

  15. Love your snowy fences and ROBINS! They are usually here in the winter months and we've seen quite a few. But they look odd there in the snow! what were they thinking! heehee! Hugs!

  16. Looks cold! The robins are cute.

  17. that is really odd to see all those robins in the snow. they are beautiful, the photos are wonderful of them. and I love the snowy fence photos to... that is a lot of snow..

  18. Robins in the snow! These are wonderful closeups of the birds enjoying the cold. What a surprise! Be careful when you are out walking and shoveling -- and enjoy the beauty.

  19. What a nice robins. So beautiful. The Europian robin is more orange :-)

  20. Nice Winter scenes!

  21. Wow! Lots of snow ~ and beautiful snow fence photos and love the bird photos ~ amazing that stayed all day eating berries ~ maybe the storm blew them into the wrong direction and now you have lovely photos ~ thanks

    Wishing you a Happy Weekend ~ ^_^

  22. I love all your snow photos of fences and birds. They all look beautiful but I know it can be freezing cold out there.

  23. How odd about the robins. They sure are plump and fluffy. We had a stray robin the other day, and it puzzled me greatly.

  24. That is amazing!! I noticed this year too that some robins were lingering later than usual. They too were eating berries from a tree, and enjoying the birdseed in several feeders around the neighbourhood. But since January I haven't noticed any -- it's really cold here now and I imagine any berries are frozen solid! Lovely snow shots! I find it so hard to take pictures in winter when it seems there is nothing but white. It's hard to get a good shot that's balanced.

  25. I like the fences in the snow, but even better is the robins in snow. But you know, I never see robins here at my house in the winter. I did not see them at the orchard in winter. But I seen them at Sarah's house in the winter when she lived in Indianapolis.

  26. Beautiful pictures! Yes, we have been having quite a doozy of a winter this year! I see in the news where your area may have gotten ice? We ended up here with mostly snow and now rain. Everything is dripping today!

    Love the pictures of the robins, that is so strange that so many of them had gathered in one day! I wonder if they were passing through? You got some really great shots of them!

    Thank you for the lovely Christmas card! Hope you had a good Christmas holiday. Hugs to you today!


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