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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Mug Reveal Day!

It's time for the Tea Cup/Mug Exchange Reveal.
This event is hosted by Stephanie, The Enchanting Rose Blog .

It's always a lot of fun to participate in this great event.  You get to send stuff to someone and meet them and then get a package from a different person and get to meet them too.  So you make 2 new friends that way.

I signed my mom up to participate this year.  She's 88 and loves getting mail.  She really isn't able to write much any more though but she sure had fun getting her package in the mail.  Her partner that she received from was,
Patti Boyd.  Patti doesn't have a blog.

This is what Patti sent my mom.

 This really pretty mug which was a tea infuser.  It was packaged in a really cute matching box.

Mom doesn't drink tea/coffee anymore but she liked the Tang and the Cocoa that she received.  There was cookies and jams which were enjoyed as well and a pretty book mark.

Also a lovely embroidered tea towel, some scissors, a pretty little tatted decoration.  Such delicate work on that., Somre pretty butterfly clips which mom used to decorate with.  Plus a Swinging butterfly decoration.  Mom loves butterflies.
A closer view of the tea towel and tatted ornament.

Thank you so much Patti for making my mom's day a little brighter with your wonderful package and sweet note.

Mom sent to: Shelly Kaunzner. - She doesn't have a blog.

Next up:  My partner who had my name was:  Bev Kirk - Bev does not have a blog.

Here is what I received:

 This really cute mug, some salted caramel cocoa (Yum), Chamomile Tea, French Vanilla Coffee and a Chocolate Mint candy. - I liked them all.

Hand Lotion and Some Flower Seeds. - I love flowers.

A coloring journal and pencils. - This has some great designs in it.

A super neat pot scrubbing pad.  We really like this pad for doing dishes.

Thank you so much Bev for all the wonderful items.

My partner that I sent to was:

Stacy Duncan.  She blogs here:

Thanks again Stephanie for hosting this event.  It really is a lot of fun to participate in. 


  1. I love the reveal and getting to see what everyone gave and received!


  2. I loved seeing everyone's goodies. So happy that your mom participated this year. I love the cups with "lids"; that way I am SURE my cats have not sneaked a sip of what I'm drinking~ lol

  3. How wonderful to include your Mom! I absolutely love that mug she received and it will be perfect for that cocoa. What a fun exchange!


  4. I think it was so very thoughtful of you to sign your mom up for this exchange, Ida. I know you both were blessed with such lovely mugs and other gifts. Isn't this exchange the best ever that is hosted by our sweet friend, Stephanie?

  5. Hi Ida, what a special thing to have your mom participate to get a fun gift in the mail. I love that idea. Bless her at 88 years young. Both your mom's gifts and yours were special. Such pretty mugs and goodies to enjoy!! Have fun visiting the reveal posts and a special rest of the week. xo

  6. I think both of you hit the jackpot with all your gifts..

  7. Oh, how wonderful! It touched my heart that your little mother had the opportunity of joining in this year. My dear Mom would have turned 87 this year...I was just thinking how much she would have enjoyed getting a sweet package from the exchange, too. All of your things and your dear Mom's things are just so beautiful, and I know you will enjoy them for a long time. It was a special blessing to meet you today! God bless you and your Mom...give her a hug from me.

  8. You two ladies received lovely items and it is so nice to see non-bloggers joining us. I know Patti through a FB tea group, lovely woman who is a talented crafter.
    Best wishes to your mom for enjoying her new mug.

  9. What a lovely, lovely idea! Such a daybrightener to receive these fun gifts from someone you've never met, and to put together a package to send off to someone else. I love it! :-)

  10. I think that's really sweet of you to have your mom participate in this exchange as well. She received such a pretty tea mug in that adorable box! I know my mom would have loved to participate in something like this too. You received so many lovely things in the exchange. Enjoy your evening.

  11. What lovely gifts you and your mother received! Thoughtful for sure!

  12. Good evening, dear Ida! What a treat to see what Patti sent to your sweet mom. I am so glad she participated in the exchange and I hope it brought a smile to her face.

    Also, the goodies you received from Bev are just beautiful! I know you will enjoy everything. Happy hugs to you!

  13. What a wonderful collection of gifts!

  14. How sweet! I love that you and your mom both participated. You both received great gifts. Glad you popped by to see me today. Have a great week. :)

  15. Hi Ida, I love the gifts that both you and your mom received. It's great how the two of you can enjoy this together and compare what you receive - makes it even more special.

  16. A beautiful idea and tose are lovely gifts to give and receive!

  17. You guys got a lot of nice stuff! Not sure what I would like best...but I do love that tea towel an awful lot.

  18. What a lovely exchange! Cannot believe they still make tang!

  19. Wow! So many beautiful goidies!!-- love seeing it all! Oh my--- i love that dish/pot scrubber--!!never saw one lile that b4!this exchange is a fun thing to do!

  20. I agree Ida it was a lot of fun to participate in, what a lovely idea to participate on behalf of your Mother. I love seeing everyone's reveals as well, you did fabulously well both in what you sent and received. Let's hope you get some time today to do some awesome art work! Enjoy that awesome mug, it's got your name written all over it :)
    Wren x

  21. sweet that you got your sweet mom involved in the exchange! All of your gifts were just wonderful! I used to love Tang...when I was a little girl, that is the only kind of "orange juice" we drank because it was cheaper than the real thing :) I love your new header too! May I ask what photo effect you used on it? It is just stunning! Enjoy the rest of your week, Ida!

  22. I'm glad that your mom received a wonderful package. Patti sent me a beautiful teacup last fall. I also like the fun design of your notebook doodle mug!

  23. I truly enjoyed getting to see what you received ! Everything was beautiful! This exchange has been so much fun and blessing ! Hope you have a blessed week!

  24. Awe, both of these packages are so much fun. Your scrubber is almost too pretty to use! :)

  25. What a sweet gesture for you to arrange for your mother to be involved too. I can imagine the joy she felt. Bless her heart, and yours, for doing so.

    I like all the treasures coming and going. What fun, isn't it?

    Stephanie is a gem to work so hard for us to have such pleasure in this. ♥

  26. Ida, what a wonderful post as you shared about your dear mother getting a package in the mail. Makes me want to put a gift box together and just send it off to her. :-)
    Maybe you could contact me and tell me a little of your mother's likes.
    Your package was lovely as well, love the mug!
    The mug you sent our was gorgeous, very unique.

    Have a beautiful day~~

  27. Ida, how sweet of you to enter your Mom into this exchange, what a delightful array of goodies she received, love her mug, it is gorgeous! And the lovely gifts you received so very special too! I love my rooster mug that you sent me several exchanges back, and always think of you when I use it :) Hugs to you today, so thankful that you and your mom had such fun with the exchange!

  28. What wonderful goodies you and you mom received. I'm so glad your mom was able to do it. How that must've brightened her day. :)
    I showed my sister your granddaughter's post. Have a great day!


  29. this is such a wonderful exchange, lot's of very generous people participate. i know everyone appreciates the hostess, stephanie...she puts so much love and work into this!!

  30. Very sweet package. Do you mind sharing with me where you found the purple mug you sent out?


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