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Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday Fun

Happy Friday!

Posting Today for:




1. I'm thankful for bacon - Everything always seems to taste better with bacon. I love BLT sandwiches.

Yes bacon is awesome but did you know you can use it for, Art?  Check out this bacon art.

2. I'm thankful for walks around our neighborhood where I can see things like this.

3. I'm thankful for being able to drive around and find different things to share and for people who dare to be different.

Not your typical color for a door but I like it.  Here are some other unusual doors.

4.  I'm thankful for Food Bloggers.  There you can find great recipes for food like this: Beef Tips and Gravy (Found HERE)

5.  I'm thankful for Nature and Beautiful Trees like these Magnolia's or Tulip Trees as we call them.

Did you know they come in other colors beside's pink?
How about a Yellow one...

6.  I'm thankful for having a sense of humor because you need one when you see things like this...

7.  I'm thankful my mom taught me how to cook or rather let me learn to cook by allowing me into the kitchen to try out recipes on my own.  I finally have mastered a flaky pie crust and oh my Apple Pie never tasted better.

8. I'm thankful for music.  This week I started listening to a Bob Seger album (Ride Out) that I have and really haven't listened to all that often.  It has some great songs on it. I wanted to play a song called, Listen from the album but YouTube doesn't have it.  So how about California Stars instead.


9.  I'm thankful for making it down this road we took up in the hills last week.

Towards the end of the drive down it the road was super "rutty" and I had to really drive slow so as not to drive off into one of the ruts and get stuck.

10.  I'm thankful that I can see things that I would never get to see if it were not for bloggers like Jackie (Junkboat Travels).  Check out this POST, It's pretty awesome.  Thanks Jackie for sharing.

That's it for today.  Thanks for stopping by.  Have a very Happy Easter.


  1. Those tulips are pretty and the light colored cat adds some contrast. I like those blue doors too. Your last cat photograph mad me chuckle.

    That road does look challenging...glad you made it down without getting stuck in the ruts.

  2. We have a purple front door, so i am apt to like people who paint their doors an unusual color. Yes, if you spill the cat food, don't bother crying, and don't bother sweeping, either, the cats will gladly help clean it up. Love your thankful list!

  3. Love that front door! The picture of the car amongst the tulips is amazing!
    Have a marvelous Easter!

  4. I liked your photos I wouldn't mind some of that Beef and gravy and a slice of apple pie :-)

    Have a eggtastic Easter & thanks for rolling by ;-)

  5. Wow yellow magnolia is great in Europe we have white pink red and peurple. Great photos

  6. lots of things to be thankful for, that door is ART and beautiful and so is the cat.. the bacon makes me hungry and the bacon art OH MY... glad you were safe on that road.. several times now I have forgotten to say I truly love love love your header

  7. I love BLT sandwiches too. Now I want one.

    Two pretty cats in today's post. That's a great way to do Feline Friday.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday. ☺

  8. #1 yep, everything tastes better with bacon.
    #2 pretty flowers and the the cat ain't bad too.
    #3 I've never been into being normal.
    #4 I sure like to eat.
    #5 the yellow one is cool.
    #6 when you loose your sense of humor, you've lost everything.
    #7 yum!
    #8 I've always enjoyed Bob Seger.
    #9 now that's my kind of road.
    Happy Easter.

  9. Lots of wonderful things to be thankful for. Bacon is at the top of my list

  10. How fun to find such a bright and colorful post full of photos popping up at Ten Things of Thankful today! You definitely started my weekend off with a smile, especially when I saw that first one... BACON!! Not too long ago I was in a little candy shop that sold chocolate covered bacon... best of both worlds! :-) I love homemade apple pie, and I still use my mother's recipe for piecrust, the store bought crusts in cans don't even begin to compare. Yours looks delicious! I love trying the new recipes that are shared on Facebook too!

    I had never seen a magnolia tree until our vacation to Louisiana last week, the flowers are huge and beautiful and such a sweet smell! I knew they can be pink or white, but had never seen a yellow one until your photo. Yellow flowers, and purple ones, are my favorites.

    The turquoise house doors were great, life needs more color! That road you took through the hills looks like a definite adventure ride, but sometimes that's half the fun! Getting out in nature is so good for the soul!

    You are right that we get to see, enjoy and learn so much from what others share on the Internet, Facebook, and their blogs. I love TToT posts because they remind me of things I am thankful for too and didn't even think of it! Thank you so much for joining us this week, have a blessed Easter!

    Your kitty in the tulips photo definitely says Spring! My furkids love it if I accidentally spill a little kitty kibble on the floor. Toby runs to gobble it up before I can get the broom! :-)

  11. Lots of beauty around you & exciting rutted roads to explore!
    & so much great food!
    Happy Easter!

  12. A great post, Ida. A lot of things here to like. I for sure want to check out the beef tips recipe. I like odd doors, too...the link showed some awesome doors.

  13. A great thankful post. Love the cat with the tulips and the one with the spilled cat food. The beef with gravy and apple pie look delicious. Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  14. Haven't had lunch yet and now I'm really hungry. Lovely food.

  15. I thought you walked down that hill. I imagine driving would be just as difficult in some ways. Hands gripping the steering wheel. I enjoyed your Ten Things of Thankful post and the tulip tree is lovely. I have a star magnolia in my yard which is a totally different sort of tree. It has white blossoms in early spring and stays a vaery small size. My Virtual Vineyard

  16. HAND OVER THE BACON! and thanks for all your thankful photos! Cheers!

  17. Beautiful scenery and nice walks and drives ... and lovely flowers ... I did not know about yellow magnolias....but I love the pink ones and would love to see the yellow.

  18. excellent photos... that last one, clearly not down the street from us... (southern New England).
    good not to see winter photos... prefer the non-cold

  19. What a fun post with amazing pics. Your pie crust looks like my granny's. The yellow tulip tree is so pretty. And....bacon! I could eat a whole pack! Happy Easter.

  20. Bacon, toast and tea - no better way to start the day.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  21. Beautiful photographs, but I have to say that the bacon picture won it for me. Bacon is life! We're having a nice bacon sandwich shortly as well:D

  22. You are making me hungry! Happy Easter!

  23. That road looks the way a lot of ours did after the flooding last fall.
    I don't know if we have tulip or magnolia tree's around here, I need to check into that. It looks very pretty!
    Happy Easter!

  24. I love the colour of that front door. I used to walk around my old home town and find interesting doors. There was a lot of old limestone homes and they always had unique entrances. The kitty and tulips - what a beautiful shot!!

  25. Now I want a BLT or a fried egg and bacon sandwich. We have lots of tulip trees here. I didn't know they were magnolias, though. The magnolia trees here are very different than the tulip trees. Lovely cat photo.

  26. I am thankful for bacon and other bloggers, too. ;) Such BEAUTIFUL images, Ida. You have an eye for capturing the "feel". Thank you. blessings ~ tanna

  27. Trying to decide if that is the Road Less Traveled (due to its horrendous condition) or the Road Too Oft Traveled (thus leading to its horrendous condition)!

  28. Bacon art is something I never considered. I liked the Starry Night replica and the one of Kevin Bacon. Those unusual doors are great. The only tulip trees that I have seen are the pink ones, but then again perhaps I have seen yellow ones and just thought they were some other kind of tree. Your pie looks beautiful and delicious!

  29. I'm thankful to read such an encouraging post.

  30. Love these photos Ida! That cat is such a poser! I love the color of those doors! Thanks so much for linking! 😊


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