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Friday, October 27, 2017

Willy Nilly Friday Five and Feline Friday

Joining Tanya (Around Roanoke) for WILLY-NILLY FRIDAY FIVE

1.  Last week was quite the week.  We were dealing with a very sick kitty (Callie-Jo) and on Tuesday the school called and said I needed to pick Coleen up as she had injured herself.  - I called her mom since I was at bowling and she went to pick her up. 

While playing Badminton she fell and ended up dislocating her knee cap and had to be taken to the hospital by Ambulance.  This is the picture the Principal of the school took of her in the Ambulance.  You can certainly see the pain on her face.
She's doing okay now but wearing a knee brace for another week and then will see an Orthopedic doctor to determine how well the knee has healed.
2.  We've been enjoying a lovely Fall here so far.  A few rainy days and some wind but the trees still have plenty of color to enjoy.
This is all the same tree.  The dark red leaves are mixed with yellow & green.  So pretty.
3.  I enjoy baking and trying out new recipes.  I recently found this recipe for Butterfinger Oatmeal cookies that sounded good so I tried it out.

Oh my gosh they were so yummy!  - I hope you'll click on the link for the recipe and give them a try yourself.

4.  Yesterday I was out driving around taking pictures and decided to stop and take pictures of some Halloween decorations.  I shot this particular display standing in the middle of the street (making sure no traffic was coming).  - Now here's the "corker"...when I got home my husband said the Police showed up at our house looking for me.  Apparently the people who live in the house called them because I was taking pictures of their house.  They have security camera's around there house.  Which by the way I've taken photos of their house before (see this post)

Good Grief,  It's not like I was in their yard or doing anything illegal.  What a waste of the Police's time.

5. Last but not least - Linking up here as well for FELINE FRIDAY

First I'd like to thank everyone who sent condolences on the loss of our sweet Callie-Jo last week.  She was and always will be a well loved cat.  We miss her greatly. - Of course being the "cat lovers" that we are we just had to share our home with another cat so I'd like to introduce you all to....

       SPEEDY "G" (short for Speedy Gonzales)
He's already spoilt rotten and just the sweetest little kitten.  Callie-Jo would be pleased with our choice.
Have a great weekend.


  1. Not sure you can spoil anything this adorable! What wonderful fur baby parents you are! I wish Colleen all the best with a speedy recovery with her knee. Always a scary experience for everyone when a child is taken by ambulance to a hospital. Our Autumn got off to a very late start, so I'm trying to enjoy the color before the late-Autumn winds begin to strip the trees for winter. And, I plan to try out that Butterfinger Oatmeal recipe. Sounds yummy! I hope you all have an enjoyable Halloween....perhaps steer clear of the house with the security cameras!

  2. I love your new kitty. Callie-Jo would be pleased with your choice.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday. ☺

  3. #1 ouch.
    #2 our colors are dull this year.
    #3 please send my a dozen.
    #4 they need to get a life.
    #5 pretty kitty.

  4. Yummy looking cookies!
    I think the best thing to do after a loss is to get another pet. Hello, Speedy Gonzales!
    Wishing Coleen a speedy recovery

  5. Whew! What a post! Ouch on that knee. Sure hope it's healing well. What a glorious tree. I saved that cookie recipe -- sounds yummy! As for those homeowners who called the police cause you were taking pictures -- tell them not to make a display if they don't want any attention. Some people...sheesh. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your little Callie-Jo. I'm sure she would be pleased to see your new little addition. So precious. Happy Friday!

  6. Ouch that sure sound painful. Hope Coleen heals quickly.

  7. Sorry to hear about Coleen's knee. Hope it heals quickly

  8. OMGoodness ida, you get caught at everything!!! i have had many people photograph my gardens and when i see them, i usually bring them a cold drink!! hehehehe

    and were not even going to talk about how much trespassing i do!!

    poor colleen, i hope she heals well!! keep us posted!!

  9. I will certainly try the Butterfinger Oatmeal cookies - the oatmeal will help me justify the Butterfinger! I didn't 'know' Callie-Jo, but I am pleased for you that you are sharing your heart with another precious fur-ball. And as for the people calling the police - maybe they should consider a less ostentatious display if they don't want us taking pictures?

  10. A dislocated knee sounds extremely painful!

    Thanks for sharing the link to those cookies, they look and sound delicious!

    And your kitten, what can I say, totally adorable. I've always had a thing for that particular color. You'd never guess it by seeing our cats though. We have eight all in various shades of grey.


  11. I know exactly how a dislocated knee feels. I've done it several times. Healing thoughts coming her way...

    Oh my gosh! That Speedy G, is so stinking cute! She looks like such a sweetheart. Thanks for the emails Ida.

  12. I hope that Colleen has healed well. Our cat, Maggie, fell and dislocated her knee cap several years ago. She never forgot it, either. She pauses before jumping and can be tentative about jumping up.
    Welcome to Speedy. How old is he? Is he a rescue? Bee & Clyde are 3 1/2 months old, now.
    I hope to see you at Sparks on Monday! You always have such nice things to share. HUGS.

  13. Owwwww! On that dislocated knee!!! Love the sweet kitty and your Fall shots.

  14. OMG her knee looks so painful I hope they relocated it without too much pain

    What a lovely kitten heheh! nice photos :-)

    Have a tanfastic Sunday and thanks for pirouetting by :-)

  15. Oh my I feel AWFUL that I didn't know about Callie Jo.....I am so deeply deeply sorry and I am also so sorry about your daughter injuring herself!! As for the people upset that you took photos, seriously? In this day and age of everyone posting everything online, why did they even bother setting up a display in their yard? Hoping they don't follow your blog! (((hugs))) catchatwithcarenandcody

  16. That kitty looks so sweet - and love the photo of the leaves! gorgeous

  17. Oh my goodness, that knee looks very painful! Hopefully it has healed well when she goes to see the doctor again! And so sorry to hear about your sweet Calli-Jo, we miss our animals so! I know that little Speedy G is on track to bring you lots of love and joy too! So silly about people calling the police on you, talk about scary, lol! I hope you have a quieter week this week... PS... I love your new header, every picture is a real keeper!

  18. So sorry to see your daughter was hurt! I hope she is healing well and won't need surgery. I'm also sad to hear about the loss of your cat. Your new kitten is adorable!

  19. Ida,

    Sorry to hear about Callie Jo passing. It seems like its the season for loss. Your newest family member is a cute stinker and I love his name! Geez, I hope Colleen's knee heals and she doesn't have any further problems. It sounds awfully painful! Thanks for visiting and have a great week! ;)

  20. Speedy G is soooo cute! I hope Colleen is healing quickly. That sounds painful!! It's kind of funny about the police showing up!

  21. Oh, my, I hurt just looking at Coleen...sorry to hear you lost a beloved pet. I have a feeling Speedy G is a lucky cat to have you for her mom. As to the police...if the people don't want their house photographed, then they need to put up walls. the last I heard this is still a free country.

    I had someone yell at me for taking photos of a barn...not even her barn. And I was in the road, too...she was an old woman, but I still get mad thinking about it. Not very Christian.


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