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Monday, October 16, 2017

Sparks and Black and Whites.

Joining Annie (McGuffy's Reader) for SPARKS

Also sharing the last of the 7 day Black and White Challenge that I've been doing on Facebook.

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

No Humans, No Explanations.


  1. Well, that was fun! Thank you for your Sparks! I really like this one. It is a prayer, when you let it be. Your photos are always beautiful. Hugs!

  2. YAY for Aleve, works good for me when I need it. beautiful kitty glowy eyes

  3. Interesting selection of objects, Ida, and while i really liked the kitty the Aleve bottle caught my attention as I had to take some of these tablets after a day of walking around in Boston on Friday.

  4. Love that first one. Great quote on that. I can relate to day 7 of your black and white shots. Although instead of taking an over the counter medicine I now have a RX for an anti inflamatory medicine. It works much better

  5. Great quote! Pictures are lovely. The cat's expression makes me wonder what he is thinking.

  6. Great look on the face of that kitty! Hope you are doing well Ida and that you have a lovely week.

  7. Excellent spark. Your kitty is adorable. I read in my comments that one went to the vet today, I hope he or she is OK.

  8. Everything looks so different in B&W, doesn't it? I love the cquote in photo # one. So lovely

  9. I always enjoy your creative photography, Ida.

  10. Ida,

    Fabulous quote all things we should do even when we find it horribly difficult to do. I love unconditionally, I forgive always but forget nothing (there is a difference), faith is my life's mantra, and without hope I'd be lost. Thanks for the positive energy shared in your "Sparks" contribution and for the visit. It was a delight to meet you. Have a sparkletastic week!

  11. The quote you chose is perfect for today's struggles. I wish more people would subscribe to this thought process when dealing with others. It's really a beautiful quote....and I love the photo you chose to accompany it. Black and white photography is always appealing to me. The depth of tones and contrast is so much more evident. And, those kitty's eyes! Oh my!


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