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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Seasons - Happy Halloween

Joining Jesh today for SEASONS - It's Halloween here in the USA so it's the season for "spooktacular" fun.  

Lots of fun and semi-scary stuff here today. 
Click to Enlarge Photos

 My mom spotted these two while we were on a drive. 

                        I like this pumpkin man - He's not to spooky.
These people put up quite a display in their yard.  This is just a small portion of their decorations.

     Dracula was in the same yard as the Pumpkin man.  - I love his sign.

This bicycle is so funny.  There is a skelton rider, his skeleton dog and on his shoulder a skelton parrot. - Same house as the people with the scary skull featured earlier.

Lots of people were displaying stuff on their doors.  This one is a bit creepy.

                                Loved these cute little Halloween dogs.

     Lots of ghosts & ghouls were hanging in trees.  - This is one of them.

                         A fun display of pumpkins we spotted.

A buzzard keeping watch on everything. Convereted to BW for a creepier effect.

                                                    Another Door find.

These people had several of these blow-ups in their yard.  I just shared the Harley rider.

                         Large Spiders on houses are also fun.

Finally a few webs and skulls to top off this Halloween Post.

                                            TRICK OR TREAT!


  1. these are all super duper shots of decorations. lots of skeletons I see, I like all of them. great hallowen finds...

  2. Hello Ida! That's a fantastic array of decorations though I'm not a fan of really scary stuff.
    Hope you have a fun day!

  3. Hi Ida! Mad Snapper sent me your blog link because your neighborhood Halloween decorations are so much like the ones I posted, but 100 times better! Wow, if all of these were together you could make a Halloween museum! We live in the Blue ridge Mountains of Virginia, where do you live? Nice to meet you.

  4. I like the skeletons in the lawn chairs! I might have to try that next year!!

  5. Hi Ida...what a fantastical post, full of wild magic and the Halloween spirit.
    Love the buzzard on the balcony, fabulous!
    Wishing you the magic of the season

  6. Haha, very spooktacular:) Great you could make it back to all Seasons for the occasion:) The skeleton on the bike is my favorite! Hope you had a great celebration:) Sorry to get late, for I'm attending to my Dutch guests this week. Hope to see you back soon, and have a beautiful rest of the week!

  7. What a terrific compilation - I kept saying THAT'S my favorite, over and over. The Dracula, the bike rider, the Halloween dogs and the Harley rider stood out for me. Thanks for sharing - I adore Halloween and it was wonderful to get a glimpse of the event in your part of the country!

  8. LOL! Looks like your neighborhood really gets in to the Halloween spirit! I love the two sitting in the chairs. All they need is a nice afternoon cocktail on the table! The bicycling pirate made me giggle. Well done! xox

  9. this is so fun to do, isn't it?!?! we did it too, some people really go all out - i had several favorites!!!!

  10. I love the bicycle with the skeletons! That is so clever and fun!

  11. Totally sensational! Love your Halloween shots. You do it so much better in America than we do over here.

  12. The skeleton on the bike is so funny! This is a great collection of Halloween photos!


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