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Friday, April 13, 2018

Willy-Nilly Friday Five and Feline Friday - April 13, 2018


Once again it's time for WILLY-NILLY FRIDAY FIVE now being hosted by Tom (The Backroads Traveller).

1.  Took Coleen and her friend, Helen to the park the other day.  One of the few days it wasn't raining.  In fact the sun was out and the turtles were taking advantage of that.

2.  I thought we were at our local city park (Pioneer Park) but according to the vehicle parked next to me we may have been at a different park...

3.  As I've mentioned it's rained ALOT here this month. We had a horrible thunder and lightning storm the other night. There was one clap of thunder that sounded like an "explosion" and I told my husband that lightning had to have hit something very close by.  Spotted this the next day & sure enough that is what happened.

Lighting hit this 100+ year old Green Ash tree about a block away from where we live.  It just exploded about 50 feet of the tree into oblivion. 

4.  Spotted this truck down the street and thought of Debbie (It's All About Purple) immediately so I stopped and took a picture to share.

Pretty sharp looking and most certainly Purple!

5.  Finally today we can't leave without sharing a photo of a cat (sorry for none cat lovers)...Speedy G showing a little bit of "fang".
Sharing this with FELINE FRIDAY

In lieu of all the "rain" we've had this month I'm leaving you with this song choice:

Have a great weekend...More rain headed our way.  Oh Goodie!


  1. Great photos. I love turtles and that is a cool Jurassic Park truck.

  2. Novato CA has a pioneer Park too, Ida! Love your pictures today. God bless you.

  3. BJ Thomas has the right idea! Love that song!
    Wonderful photo of the turtle!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. ...rainy days make the sunny day extra special, neat turtle.
    ...I get confused easily too.
    ...don't mess with Mother Nature!
    ...I'm not a purple guy, but that Ford is gorgeous.
    ...sleepy kitty. old favorite.
    Thanks Ida for stopping by, enjoy your weekend.

  5. Wow, kind of scary what the lightning did to that tree. That BJ Thomas song pops in my head all the time

  6. Beautiful photo of the turtle! The truck is a beauty, too! And well cared for.

  7. The Jurassic Park truck is too funny!

  8. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for turtles ... the yellow patterns on this little fellow are special! So sad for the 100-year ash ... can you imagine the power of that lightning? Around here that might be enough to start a forest fire! And best for last ... Speedy G looking not so Speedy!

  9. That's some lightning storm! Your header is so pretty with the spring flowers. It's a beautiful time of year.

  10. Hi Ida, Oh, I love BJ Thomas! That is the sweetest photo of your cat. Love that purple truck! Glad Colleen had a sunny day to enjoy the park. Great shot of the turtle. I hope you have a very nice weekend.

  11. Gosh you must have had some really bad weather: that tree has suffered dramatically. We've been suffering from lots of rain here in (not so) sunny Spain too. I love the purple truck. It looks almost regal.

  12. that truck is pretty in purple. my DIL had a purple charger for a few years... she is a purple lover to... we had that happen to a tree in our yard a couple years ago and had to pay 1500.00 to get the rest taken down... last week we had a thunder boomer and one boom made the windows rattle in the house... ha ha on visiting Jurassic Park, love the turtle pic

  13. I'm here reading and enjoying the pretty pictures

  14. It stormed here last night also- pretty scary with tornadoes. Oh that poor tree- I hope it survives. Speedy G is adorable....dreaming sweet dreams. Have a blessed day!

  15. Speedy G is showing some fang. Probably because of all the rain. We're having another storm come through tonight. We've had a lot of rain too.

    Hope you had a purrfect Feline Friday. ♥

  16. Heeheh! Speedy G I wish I could sleep like that

    I have always liked that song, I enjoyed the photos, It's rained a lot here in London too :-)

  17. Looks like you have been getting some of those April showers. As we speak, it is storming here in NC with some tornadoes in our area earlier. We need the rain to bring out of the green that has been hiding! Enjoy your week, Ida.

  18. ooooh ida, i love that you thought of me when you saw that truck, it is a beauty and great shade of purple!!

    and that is a great close-up of the turtle, beautiful details!!!

  19. There is no getting away from the fact that the truck is very purple! I suppose it makes it easy to find in the car park!

    Sorry its taken me so long to visit, things have been pretty hectic here!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  20. Love Speedy's fangs! Always enjoy your posts.


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