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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Fourth of July Fun

 So last year I didn't go out on the 4th of July as I was still recovering from having Shingles and it was blazing hot last summer.
This year, it rained in the morning but cleared off by midday.  So we walked up to the park to take in the booths & music. 
One of the bands that played - They were a "bluesy" type of band.  Not bad but not my style of music.  I went to high school with the guy in the blue hat in front.

 We had a barbecue and fixings at the house.  Invited my niece and her husband to join us. - We ran into them at the park and they didn't have anything planned for dinner.  It was fun having them join us.

Coleen took this shot of Grandma (that's me)  and little Joelle watching a sparkler. 
A nearby neighbors fireworks, they get the big ones.

One of ours, we shot off some. Didn't go out to the local community fireworks (I wanted too but no one else did).
Had a pretty nice day all in all.



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