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Monday, October 31, 2022

Halloween Decor

 Oh my gosh it seems like I only post here about once a month anymore.  I have a bunch of stuff that I haven't posted so maybe I'll start trying to do a few more posts in the near future.

Anyway we decided to put up some outside Halloween decorations this year. Normally we usually carve pumpkins but in recent years we just haven't had time, patience or the desire to do so.  

So instead this year I purchased this:

Didn't tell hubby about it until it was about to arrive,  I wanted it to be a surprise. - The surprise was on me though when I showed him another one and he said,  "Go ahead and get it!"
So without further ado....

                                    Happy Halloween!


  1. Thank you for sharing your awesome decorations!

  2. These are fun! The first one, it looks like an actual man sitting on that pumpkin!

  3. I like the way they look in the dark it makes them stand out and look happy and spooky at the same time

  4. Those are really cute. I didn't put any Halloween decorations out at all. Mine are just fall ones.

  5. What fun! I hope you had a really nice Halloween.


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