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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Is it a Dog or a Small Pony!

Yesterday I took Coleen to the park after she got home from school.  It was a lovely Fall afternoon and I wanted to do something fun with her and naturally I decided to take my camera along.

We were getting into the car to drive over to the play ground area when this man and his pony  or rather his dog walked by.  The dog started to poke it's head inside the van and when I turned around to look I was shocked by what I saw.  This was no small dog.  We got out and talked with the man and he let Coleen pet his dog.  His named turned out to be Adonis (a fitting name) and he told us the dog was a, European Great Dane.

Coleen was a bit "aprehensive" about petting the dog but the owner said he was a gentle dog and he told him to sit and told Coleen to take ahold of his collar so I could take her picture with him.

Can you imagine feeding a dog that size.  The man said his wife had recently had knee surgery and she normally walked the dog so he'd gained some weight and now he was having to take him for walks to see if they could get some of the extra weight off him.
What was really funny was there were some other people walking their dogs, a small Scottish Terrier and a small Poodle and when they saw this dog was loose they quickly started to head off in another direction until the man assured them that his dog wouldn't hurt their dogs.

I mean if I was a small dog and I saw that "horse" of a dog heading in my direction I'd be a bit scared too but he turned out to be a very well mannered dog.


  1. PHEW yes a big dog. Amazing photos.

  2. Adonis is beautiful! I love big dogs. Haven't seen a big boy like him before. I would be nervous too. Coleen did great with him in those photos. He looks happy to get the attention.

  3. Great shots! I love big dogs and he does look like a gentle giant posing with your granddaughter.

  4. Gorgeous dog, very nice. I wish you a happy weekend.


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