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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Veteran's Day in Review

Thought I'd share a few photo's from yesterday's Veteran's Day parade. - It wasn't a huge parade, nothing super fancy, very few bands but still nice.  I took my granddaughter, Coleen with me. - I felt the Veterans there, especially the eldery one who came out from Nursing Home's to ride in the parade deserved to know that people still care & appreciate what they did for our Country and also to support those who are still serving.

The local High School Color Guard with the presentation of the Flag followed by the Sponsor Corp. Drill Team

The Valley Transit Trolley carrying some of the Veteran's along with Wheatland Village Veterans

One of the Bands that played in the parade.

One of the Antique Cars in the parade followed by one of the Muscle Cars from the parade.

Coleen being goofy. They were passing out Frisbees, Key Rings, Bottle Openers, Pencils, lots of candy etc...along the parade route and she decided to put this on.  Naturally she was looking the other way instead of at the camera (she does that a lot these days, it's hard to get a good picture of her).

We met another BIG dog at the parade too.  This one is an, Irish Wolfhound.

Lastly a lady offered to take our picture together.  Forget that we're both "squinting" and that my "double chin" (Ugh) is showing. 
We had a good time and that's all that matters.


  1. That looks like fun. I always get all teary eyed when I see the veterans in our parade.

  2. Great, great photos of the parade! I agree that they should know people support and believe in them. Good for you. LOVE the picture of you and Coleen together! You both look so happy.

  3. Hi Ida! What lovely photos of Veterans Day parade, and of you and your granddaughter. Looks like both of you had a marvellous time.
    Thank you for visiting me and for such sweet comments on my cards. Much appreciated! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  4. Wonderful series of images for the holiday. Looks like you had fine weather for the parade.

  5. I love this series of photos, Ida. Small town goodness. My father was a WWII Vet, so I appreciate your attention to this holiday. xoxo

  6. looks that you have a lot of fun..


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