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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - August 26, 2012

The "Hunt" is on.  Yes, it's time to join me for Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

This weeks prompts:  School, Rule of Thirds, Side Profile,
Small and Motion.
Click to Enlarge Photo's.

School doesn't start till the day after Labor Day this year.  Our school system has finally went back to the September starting date instead of late August.  Due to our local Fair being the last week of August so many students and families just weren't showing up for the start of school so they decided to go back to the old system and wait till the Fair and Labor Day were over before starting school.

I didn't just want to post a picture of a school building and which one would I choose if I did.  We have one just 2 blocks up the street which Coleen attends.  So instead I chose this:


Would you believe this is actually a Pencil Sharpener!  My mom has a collection of Die Cast Miniature Sharpeners.  Most are Metal but this one is painted. 
Funny thing is that while I was taking this picture she came out her back door and saw me sprawled in our driveway and thought that I fallen! I assured her I was okay and was just taking a picture.


This one gave me the most trouble.  First I had no clue what the Rule of Thirds was so I had to Google it and after reading it I still wasn't sure exactly what to do.  I did however find out how to set the "Grid Overlay" on my camera.  Not that it helped.
I had a picture all set and ready to go which I like a lot but don't think it meets the rule properly.  Instead I'm going with this one which I believe does fit the rule and I like it equally as well.

These 2 girls were trying to catch frogs.  They did catch one and next week I'll be posting a photo of the frog they caught as it was a most unusual frog....(I know what a tease, but if you want to know what was different about their frog you'll just have to check back in).

                                                                                                          SIDE PROFILE:

No you are not seeing 2 different cats.  This is our cat, Callie-Jo who happens to be part Calico and part Siamese.  Her profile shows the Calico side on the left and the Siamese side on the right.


Trying to be creative here and not just post a tiny bug or flower like I normally would. Not that there is anything wrong with either of those things.  I just wanted to do something different.

It's table salt,  you can't get much smaller.


Coleen and I went to Bennington Lake on Friday and as we were getting out of the van she spotted several deer up on a nearby hill.  I quickly snapped some shots and caught this doe running.  You can also see the motion of the foliage as there was a breeze blowing.

That's it for this weeks hunt.  I hope you've enjoyed my photo's as much as I did taking them.  Don't forget to pop in on Ashley's blog (see link above) and check out some of the other participants entries for the hunt.


  1. Some nice shots here. Cute bus! And I like your salt shot. At first I thought it was thousands of insect eggs. Yuk!

  2. Wonderful shots! The pencil sharpener is a great choice for school! Nice job with the salt. It looks big in your photo. Love the running deer! I'll be waiting to see this frog.

  3. I love your interpretation for Small... great shot of it, too!

  4. Your kitty is gorgeous, Ida...and I love your fun school shot!

  5. Great pics for the scavenger hunt! I love the school one since I went with the standard school building pic. And I think the Rule of Thirds one is just right. How about your cat...Siamese on one side and calico on the other. Beautiful!!

  6. Great photos. I think I've lost the subscription to Ashley's blog so thank you for the link to it.

  7. Nice interpretation of the cues! I struggled with rule of thirds, too. Yours is very pretty. I also like motion a lot!

  8. These are lovely! The bus pencil sharpener is great! We start after Labor day here too in the North East!

  9. Great set of shots!
    We don't start school until after Labor Day either - the state felt it ruined our tourism over the holiday weekend.

  10. Good job on Rule of Thirds! It's always fun to learn something new...and I can't wait to see the frog. Table salt....great idea!

  11. Love that table salt shot. Isn't it amazing how something so simple can be so interesting at the same time? Lovely.

  12. Funny "sprawled on the driveway" story, although it probably wasn't funny at the time for your mom. Good job with the rule of thirds, Ida.

  13. You nailed the rule of thirds! Love the small and school as well. Have a happy week!

  14. Dear Ida,

    I love all of these, but my favorite is the salt. Wow! I never would have thought it was salt. Such a great macro!


  15. I love these. Especially "small" Nice job!

  16. You are too funny, down in the driveway taking that pic of the school bus. And how is your Mother?? Love the rule of thirds, and yes you got it right. Great shots this week!!

  17. Such great photos this week. YOu know I love your profile photos. So sweet.


  18. I smiled at your school bus! It would go well with the photo I took, it's a Fiser Price Schoolhouse my daughter used to play with! I also love your motion shot! Love how you captured the deer in motion!

  19. That pencil sharpener has amazing detail, Ida! I had no idea rice was round or what the Rule of Thirds was. Now that I see it illustrated by your image, it makes perfect sense. Your cat's face is really different from one side to the other. It makes human faces that are the same on both sides seem a tad boring. Have a great week!

  20. I had to laugh at your sprawled on the driveway. My neighbor is getting used to me dragging weird items outside in 95 degree heat to photograph them. I think the school bus one is a good one for rules of thirds. The red stop sign makes your eye go in that direction which is on that third of the photo. It works for me!

  21. Love the pencil sharpener. My late mother-in-law had one just like that. Before she retired she was the head person for the buses at the school district. She collected all things school bus. :)

  22. These are all great shots! I love your take on school and small. Wow!

  23. Oh, wow...I love the table salt photo. It goes to show that beauty can be found in the simplest things. about your mom asking if you were okay. I was on my hands and knees in my front yard with my behind sticking up in the air, and even I laughed at myself. The things we do for pictures!!! :)

  24. Love your Callie-Jo, and the salt is a very creative interpretation of "small". I enjoy your stories that go with the pictures. I actually tried to do the Scavenger Hunt one recent weekend. I only had one day, though, and it was taking too long... ran out of time. Too many things to do with my weekends, I guess. It was fun for a while!

  25. what a great set...LOVE motion!!


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