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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - October 7, 2012

 Welcome to Scavenger Hunt Sunday hosted by Ashley Sisk (Ramblings and Photos)
It's been a good week but I was not feeling the "love" for the prompts this week so I procrastinated about taking my photo's.  I asked Coleen today if she wanted to participate again and she said yes.  She was full of all kinds of ideas and so we proceeded to start taking our pictures.  


This is the only photo that I actually took before Saturday.  I happened to be visiting my mom and looked out her living room window at the house across the street.  This shadow caught my eye.  What does it remind you of?  I'll tell you after the picture what I thought of when I saw this and what actually made the shadow.

                        I saw a person leaning over reading a book, did you see the same thing?
                        Turns out this is actually the chimney on the house and the TV Satellite  
                        Dish along with part of their BBQ (book).


I had no inspiration for this prompt so hopefully you aren't bored by what I ended up using.  I found a lock and key stored in my jewelry box and photographed it outside on a leaf laying in the yard. 


While we were next door at my mom's so Coleen could get her smile photograph I got the idea to take a picture of one of my mom's fall decorations.  Doesn't this little figurine have a happy smile!

                                                                                                 Unedited: (SOOC) - This is my favorite of my set this week.  I took this in the parking lot of the library.  Some of the trees are starting to change colors and I really like the colors in this shot.


Not the most original idea (I had a different one in mind but didn't have time to bake today so I could use Cinnamon as my spice and we ran out of bread to take a picture of cinnamon/sugar toast so I settled for this picture.

A box of one of my favorite spice teas.  I love Celestial Seasoning teas.  First they taste great and second they have the coolest art work on the boxes.  Don't you agree?

So that's it for this week.  I hope you'll stop by Ashley's blog and check out the other participants.  - Also once again thanks to those of you who visited Coleen's blog last week and encouraged her to participate again.


  1. Great find for your Unedited . . . I can see why you like it so much. Bengal Spice is one of my favourite teas, too

  2. I love your smile and unedited. Have a great Sunday!

  3. Very interesting post.
    Here is my scavengers hunt item..
    I found an old wooden doll
    crib in the thrash at a neighbours house.
    Decorated the crib with flowers and pumpkins for our Canadian Thanksgiving tomorrow.

  4. Great pictrures. I really like shadow. I do see a person reading a book.

    Herding Cats

  5. I'm with you, that unedited is my fave as well. Funny how certain weeks on the SHS are easier than others-and it varies. Oft when I think a list is difficult, someone else notes they thought is was a great list. All in taste I guess. Have a great day.

  6. The leaf shot is super - it does have great color and a terrific shape. I never would have guessed what the shadow was.

  7. I enjoyed your pics very much. A cup of hot tea would be delicious this a.m.!

  8. I totally saw a person in that shadow shot - how funny! Creative set of pictures.

  9. So glad you finally jumped in. Nice set. I'm off to look for Coleen.

  10. Y'all are getting some wonderful fall color around there! And, yes. I totally thought the shadow was a person bent over, too. :)

  11. Love your unedited and I am totally with you on keys! I hope we don't have that prompt again for a long time!

  12. Your unedited is amazing! Love it! So glad that Colleen has developed a love of picture taking too!

  13. I like your keys picture! And I definitely see the person shadow.

  14. I like all the photos here - but my favorite is the smile - that is so cute!

  15. How cool that you are making SHS a family adventure. My husband helps me with finding subjects but that's about all he does!

  16. For being uninspired you came up with some pretty good photos! :)
    I LOVE that little fall figurine! I'm a big fan of Celestial Seasonings teas too.

  17. I wasn't feeling the love either, so I didn't even participate. But hurrah for you for completing the prompts. Love your smile, I have some fav figurines that make me smile.

  18. love your sooc photo too. you've so many furry friends :) we have four. I love them deeply. thank you for visiting 'wonderland' I hope you return. happy Monday :) xxo

  19. i love the leaf too... and the nuts hiding behind it! ;) fall is a beautiful season! though I don't love the rain that comes in late fall... and goes on and on and on... ;)

  20. i struggled with these also. i find i have to "make" myself do one a day and really HUNT, to make it fun!!

    i like your shadow...and i love that tea!!


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