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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"Whateve" Wednesday - The Fun Run and Carnival Edition

Welcome.  Thanks for joining me today for, "Whatever" Wednesday.  This week I'm featuring photos from the Fun Run and Carnival at Coleen's school a couple of weeks ago.

First up a photo from the Fun Run.  The students went by grades and ran a course around the playground.  Six laps was the goal which was equal to running 1 mile.  The kids got pledges from people to help raise money for school programs and such.  Coleen got $120 in pledges.  She started out running but was tuckering out quickly.  I managed to catch this photo of her running.  On her 4th lap I joined in on the run and ran one lap with her.  Good grief, I'm out of shape!  In fact I hurt my knee and am still having some issues with it but it was worth it.  She made 5 of the laps and we were very proud of her. Notice the tongue hanging out of her mouth.  You'll see it again in coming photos.

Here she is playing the Fishing Game to win a prize.  Notice the tongue.

In this shot she's throwing a ball at some wooden milk bottles inside a clown's mouth.  Notice the tiny piece of her tongue peeking out on the right side of her mouth.  She's really concentrating on knocking those milk bottles down.


Her favorite event of the evening was the Dunk Tank.  She wanted to dunk her teacher so badly.  Below is a series of photo's starting with her teacher in the tank (sorry it was hard to get a good picture of him).

Her teacher was making faces at her before she threw the ball and she thought it was funny.

You can see the excitement in her eyes as she gets ready to throw the ball at the target.

Right on target! See the waterdrops from the splash her teacher made,  Oh she thought that was hilarious fun.  She dunked him 4 times!

What's a Carnival without something to eat?  Her favorite was....

Corn on the Cob.

She played other games at the Carnival,  Putting Green, Fish Bowl Coin Drop and this favorite:  Plinko.

Finally a little fun sliding down one of the many bounce slides and castles that were available for the kids to enjoy.


  1. haha-- I love the tongue sticking out! As a teacher I see all sorts of cute things that kids do when they concentrate!

  2. Looks like it was a great day for you and daughter both!

  3. You really captured the moments with your photos. So much fun.

  4. Looks like you both had a great time! Thank you for sharing pictures!
    Coleen is very cute girl! :)


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