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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Photo Art Friday - March 8, 2013

Hello & welcome!  It's time to join me over at Bonnie's blog, Pixel Dust Photo Art
for this weeks edition of Photo Art Friday    The theme this week was Abstract using Bonnie's textures.  She also stated that we could add one of our own images if we wanted to.  I decided that I was going to try and figure out something using Gimp just using her textures first before I added a photo.

I started with a mix of 4 of her textures:

Dreams of Spring was my starting point.

Now I'm going to say that from here on out I have no record of the steps that I took to get to my final result.  I know what textures I used and I can tell you that I fiddled with Inverting the color on some of them, changing the hue/saturation on some and most were layered using Hardlight at various percentages.  I also fiddled with the Artistic Filters but I didn't write down what I did as I went along.  I also added a frame from Pixlr to this piece.
The other textures I used on this 1st piece were:

Never Seen Before:                                                                  Go Figure

and Berry Merry Xmas.

The end result of these four textures and my fiddling....

For my 2nd piece I chose 3 textures:  Blank Page, Dropped Petal, Heart Ache by the Number.

Again I did not write down my steps.  I rotated the Dropped Petal texture.  Used the Blank Page texture twice, rotating once.  Colors were inverted etc...and finally I added an inverted picture of the same grapes that I used last week.  I rescaled the image to fit the textures.

Here is the end result.  This one is my favorite of the two.  Which is yours?

Make sure you stop by Bonnie's and view the other enteries in the Gallery.  Have a great weekend.


  1. beautiful work this week!

  2. These are such beautiful abstracts and I love the textures that you have used and the colors also. They would look so great framed and hanging on a wall. I am your newest follower.

  3. wow~!!~you are a master at this and i LOVE both of your finished pieces. beautiful colors too~!!~


  4. Oooh, oooh, I love this. Lovely combinations and colors.

  5. I love the blue but if I have to choose, I will have the second one please:)

  6. I, too, am - at least initially - drawn a little more to the second image and its mesmerizing colour swirl... but it is entirely possible that the monochromatic blue of the first would appeal to me more in the long run. It speaks more softly, but perhaps also more persistently...
    Beautiful, dreamalike pieces of art, both of them, at any rate!

  7. oh my, Ida!! I love them both. If I have to pick 1 over the other, I'd go with your 2nd one. the colours just sing, dance, and in every way get down and funky!!

    I am glad you took Bonnie's challenge on with such gusto. I knew it could BE done without another photo, yet I enJOYed discovering HOW that worked out.

    I love that you have used fiddling in your post, too!! that is so what we're DOing, isn't it?!

    Gorgeosity in duplicate!!!

  8. What neat edits! I never remember the steps I take to make the photos, I do a lot of trial and error to get it exactly like I want it.

  9. my favourite is the blue one. I like the composition and the color. :)

  10. Wonderful job Ida. I love the blue piece you created!

  11. Oh they are both great, but I think I like the second one better - I love the colors!!

  12. Very cool Ida!! I really like them both! The berries don't look Christmas-y at all anymore and I really like how the second one came out! WOW!!

  13. I love the layering of textures and images in both your creations. They have the feeling of moistened and layered colored tissue paper. Pure magic. I really cannot say which one I like best.

    I can never keep track of my steps either. I think it good that each of at least new where we started. Great job Ida.

  14. You have done a very creative works. I like the first one more. Ha de gott i helgen.

  15. Exquisite pictures, wonderful and magical textures.

  16. you have show two totally awesome art work -- I LOVE them both but the first one the color I like tones and how you used the texture..thanks for sharing how you did it..

  17. Ooooolala ... that blue one blows me away! Just gorgeous. So pleased you shared it.

  18. Wonderful pieces of art. You are getting brave. Valerie

  19. These are both lovely, Ida. Hard to choose my fave between the two. Love the blues in the first one and the rich mixture of textures in the second.

  20. Well, it was hard to choose, I =had to go back and froth. I think the second is my fave, but they are both lovely!

  21. Beautiful artwork Ida. Thank you for visiting us at pret-a-vivre.

  22. These turned out beautifully, Ida!! I thought the first one was my favourite .. until I saw the second - I love it, too!


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