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Monday, April 29, 2013

Tuesday Muse - Blooming Lilacs

Joining in on Tuesday Muse this week with some photos of my mom's Lilac tree and bush. - I love how beautiful they are but oh that smell really messes with allergies.  Thank goodness I take medication as they can be intoxicating with their fragrant scent.

Click to enlarge:

What I like most about this shot is the "sun-flare" that I captured as well.  Can you see it?

Look at the size of these blooms.  This is not the common lilac you see most of the time.  This one is a French Hybrid called,  Agincourt Beauty.  It has the largest blooms of all the lilacs and is very fragrant.

Here is a close-up of one of the clusters of blooms.

A couple of years ago I read an add in a magazine about a lilac that bloomed in the spring and then again through part of the summer and into the fall.  I copied the information down and ordered her one from the White Flower Farm.  It's called a,
Bloomerang Lilac.  The first year it only had about 2-3 bloom clusters.  This year it's quite pretty with all the dainty little blooms.  They remind me of bursting fireworks.

This little cluster hadn't fully opened yet when I took this photo.

Same cluster just a couple of days later.  See how dainty the little blossoms are.

What's really fun is that this will bloom again in late summer and early fall. 
I had a little fun playing around with this shot.  I added a texture (Scratched Lens) from Pixel Dust Photo Art and Heart Bokeh and Frame on Pic Monkey.  Enjoy!


  1. I can almost smell them, they're very lovely. And I love your little sunflare capture in the first's perfect!

  2. I can practically smell it! So lovely, Ida.

  3. Lilac flowers are my favorite! :) We had a lot of them in my home town! Thank you for the beautiful pictures!

  4. We have alot of lilacs and one or two of this color! Gorgeous Ida. Thanks for sharing today. xo

  5. Lilacs that bloom through three seasons is awesome. Does the boomerang have the same scent as the others?

    Love me some lilacs.

  6. Those are gorgeous! Ours have barely begun to bud out.

  7. They are glorious, Ida! My lilacs aren't even leafed out yet! Are the dogwoods all in bloom there, too?

  8. Hi, there! It's your lilac sister from Camper! We just bought and planted that Boomerang Lilac and you've got me pumped! Beautiful lilacs, spectacular photos.

  9. WoW! Absolutely gorgeous lilac. I too love that first shot. I bet you were standing in an ocean of fragrance as you took the pictures!

  10. I'll swear... I got a whiff of lilac just looking at those beautiful photos. Lilacs are one of my favorite flowers.

  11. How pretty! I wish I could grow lilacs here, but they don't grow too well here unfortunately. Your photos take me back to my childhood and my grandmother's lilacs in her backyard... xox

  12. Beautiful lilac blooms! I like the smell but I'll bet it would play havoc with allergies. Love your last shot with the edits! :)

  13. Ida, your lilacs are beautiful!
    Ours will be a few more weeks yet, but I am waiting patiently for them. :-)

  14. I fondly remember the lilac tree in our yard from my childhood - so fragrant. You have some beautifully detailed pictures - simply beautiful!

  15. These photos are gorgeous. This was my late mom's favorite.

  16. Gorgeous shots, Ida!
    I had a neighbor named Ida, growing up. I've never met anyone with that name again until you commented on my blog!
    I love lilacs.. our spring has been very delayed in northern MN, but they'll bloom eventually.. usually the end of May, so we'll see.
    Oh - and I love the star burst of sunlight in that first shot - I did see it!

  17. wow, your mom's lilac tree and bush are beautiful!

    how gorgeous your shots are!

    thanks for sharing~

  18. ...and i love your blog! and its name.

  19. Soooooo gorgeous! I can almost smell them!


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