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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Art Supplies for Sale

I have a small set of Copic Markers that I would like to sell.

The set has 24 Copic Sketch Markers and a case.  (See photos).
Current price of Copic Markers on their web site is, 7.99 each. That would be,  $191.00 for this set.

I'm offering this set for only $75 plus shipping.  That's a savings of over $116.

I am also trying to sell a set of Watercolor Crayons (Caran D'Ache of Switzerland) Neocolor II Watersoluble Crayons.

Retail Value is $283.00 -  I am selling for only $120.00 plus shipping.
Note you can make an offer on these as well.


If you know of anyone who might be interested in either of these items pass this information on.

Contact me via my e-mail if you have an further questions.


  1. If I was at all artistic, I might jump at the chance.

  2. What beautiful colors! I wish I could afford to buy them.

  3. I guess I did not realize you were an artist. These are some really nice art supplies and somebody will be getting a good deal....Hope the perfect person comes along and purchases these...

  4. May the right buyer knock on your door, Ida.
    Peace :)

  5. Hello Ida!:) I only work with pastles, but I will pass your message on.

  6. Oh they are going to be loved by some artist out there. Hug B

  7. this is a great deal for an artist. hope someone buys them. if not try Criagslist or ebay...


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