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Friday, February 20, 2015

It's Friday and time for some fun!

Welcome.  There is a lot going on in this post today.  I hope you enjoy it and have fun.


1. It was nice out this week so Coleen and I took a walk to the park.  We spotted these on one of the trees....

I feel the arrival of spring is a little closer now.

2.  Since it was nice out this week I decided to do a little yard work.  I cleared a bunch of leaves from my front flower bed and my mom's.  We don't have trees but we get all the leaves from a neighbor down the street who "never" rakes their leaves in the fall.  Anyway my muscles were so sore yesterday from bending over and squatting down picking up the leaves. It even hurt to sit in a chair.

Flowers from someone's yard while we were on our walk.  Looks like they need to do some yard work too.

3.  Well I've decided not to send in my camera for repairs after all.  Last week the USB port broke on it and I contacted a company about repairing it.  I can't afford the cost of the repairs and I realized I could just take the memory card out and put it in another camera and download my photos that way.  Works for me!

4.  Our cat Snickers likes to drink water from a dripping faucet, usually the sink but sometimes the bathtub.  I turned the spout of the bathtub on yesterday and after she started drinking I called her name and snapped this drippy shot of her.  She loves drinking this way and doesn't seem to mind being soppy wet afterwards.

This shot is also joining in on FELINE FRIDAY hosted by Steve from the Burnt Food Dude.

5.  I bought a new coffee mug this week.  I was looking for a mug to send to someone for a Mug Exchange and found one that I just couldn't resist gettting for myself.

Isn't that owl cute!  I love the colors, the owl and well just how whimsical this mug is. 

One more photo as I've been the last few weeks sharing a "creepy" photo from something I've spotted while out and about.

I think a Chinese Dragon stalking a Quail is a bit creepy, what do you think?

So now for more fun with memes.  Let's join Adrienne from My Memory Art for SIX WORD FRIDAYS  This week the word was,  Wing.

More cat fun can be found on FELINE ART over at Kittypartay.

Coleen enjoying a Garfield Cookie - Cartoonized on BeFunky.

Finally I am participating in Hillary's Meme: FOLLOW FRIDAY FOUR FILL-IN FUN.

The statements:
  1. ___is the ____
  2. Do you ___ on the weekends?
  3. ___ is my ____ comfort food
  4. ______ always makes me happy.
My Answers:

1.  Growing older is the "pits" at times.
2.  Do you stay in your pajamas on weekends?  I don't often do it but on occasion I have been known to spend all day Saturday in my robe.
3. Cheesecake (or any dessert) is my guilty comfort food.  I feel guilty only because I know I shouldn't be indulging but it tastes so good I don't care.
4. Petting my cats always makes me happy.


  1. I love your Snickers.. And the Artsy shot of Coleen, with a cookie? The owl mug is cute, I love it..Cute post and photos.. Have a happy weekend!

  2. i like the dragon yard art! cute mug. and silly kitty. :)

  3. Awww, what a cutie pie your cat is. So precious.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday Snickers. My best to your mom. ☺

  4. the last 3 times i have emailed you it comes back permanent failure.. it used to work when i answered your comments. that is why i have not answered your questions.
    Love those flowers, tulips i think.
    love Coleen ART
    Smart move on the camera. great idea
    LOL at the friskie wet kitty
    Love the mug

  5. a busy place indeed....You have a lot going on, but hey, this is what keeps us young!! The water droplets on your cat's face are so cute and I think he kinda liked it too. so many places to visit on Friday's...I think I need to take Friday off (from Housework) and just simply read blogs..
    Have a great weekend...

  6. Enjoyed your post. Had to laugh about the pjs, as I was in my pjs this morning commenting on the blogs, when I got a call to come to the Needs Council office for an accounting emergency. I managed to dress, put on makeup and get there within 45 minutes, but they all had a laugh. Just put a hat on, as I didn't have time for the hair fix.

  7. Love that pussy willow and I'm not a cat guy! Tom The Backroads Traveller

  8. Looks like spring is on its way by you. Certainly not here!!
    It was a sunny day today though. : )

  9. We had a cat that also liked to drink from the faucet. Snickers has eautiful colors. Love that cute mug and that dragon shot was a great find.

  10. I LOVE that mug....even though I do not need it, it would be tempting to buy if I saw it out. I will not look for it...I will not look for it...LOL

    We did not get yardwork done last fall..we no longer have trees either but our yard has a LOT that needs to be cleaned up.

    I enjoyed your fill in the blanks...and the cat photo...

  11. I like your shot of spring, but I am not feeling it here! lol

  12. So sweet to see flowers blooming once more! It will be a little while yet before we get some here in Iowa. Sounds like your cat has similar habits to mine. My cat, Princess, just about only drinks from my bathroom sink--it has to be set to just the right trickle though. She doesn't like to get wet. Now that she's starting to get older and can't jump up to the sink as well, I have to lift her up there every morning.

  13. Petting my cat makes me happy too. It is amazing how she lifts my mood

  14. love your pic ofyour kitty- I've known other cats that love to play with the water!

  15. Awww - petting ones cats is the best, right?! And your poor wet kittie ;)

  16. Lots of fabulous photos here my friend. I am loving that coffee mug, and of course your kitty is so cute..

    Hugs, Linda
    My Happy Place

  17. Cute shot of Snickers! It makes me smile that you are seeing signs of spring. Gives me hope!

  18. A fun post - love the wet kitty and all the yellow crocus. Oh, I do stay in my P.J.'s sometimes, too. Usually when the Mr. is out of town and it's just me and the furbabies. Hope you have a nice weekend. xo Karen

  19. It looks spring-like and a nice mug... but my absolute favorite is the cat photo!

  20. what a cute shot of snickers!! love seeing the flowers! and your mug is so cute! isn't it fun to get new mugs?!! thanks for linking!!

  21. what a cute shot of snickers!! love seeing the flowers! and your mug is so cute! isn't it fun to get new mugs?!! thanks for linking!!

  22. Just catching up on your blog ....
    Another wonderful post here. I love your mug - I have an owl mug, too. So cute. And I'm with you on dessert as comfort food, too. Definitely my favourite food group!

  23. How lovely to see you at six words, Wing. Loving the mug and the pretty yellow crocus, a sure sign of spring


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