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Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Randoms and Fill-Ins

Today's Featured Memes: Random 5 Friday, Willy-Nilly Friday Five,
Friendly Fill-Ins, Feline Art Friday.  There will be lots of photos so be sure to scroll to find which meme you are looking for or just take them all in!


It's been awhile since I've done this meme so today I am joining in with a fun photo of our cat, Callie-Jo and some strawberries that I bought.  I used the Oil Painting Feature on BeFunky for this piece.



1. Last Saturday Coleen & I went to the Return to the River Salmon Festival and the annual Ducky Derby held at the local Community College.  Before the Ducky Derby started we spotted this dog playing, Fetch The Stick in Mill Creek

2.  They had Native American Dancers at the Salmon Festival.

3. Coleen and her friend, Ava heading up the path towards the area where the ducks are launched.

4.  The duckies are being dumped into the creek.

5.  The first 2 ducks to enter the tube.  One was the Grand Prize winner, A new Toyota or $10,000 in cash.  Needless to say once again my ducks (I bought 5 for $20) did NOT win. Bummer!



Another of the Native American Dancers.
2.  The ducks are off and racing.

3. Had to buy more strawberries as they are just so yummy!

They are expensive this year at $14.50 for a half flat due to the fact that some of the berry fields were destroyed in last years fire. They are worth the extra cost as they are so much better than the ones you buy in the stores.

4.  The Dogwoods have bloomed and are gone now but there is a variety of them that blooms late.  I think they are so pretty so I'm sharing a photo of them today.  These are in a neighbors yard around the corner from us.

5.  Yesterday we were driving down an alley and spotted this cat.  I stopped and snapped a couple of pictures of it.  We thought it had a really funny face with that "mustache"!


WEEK 3: May 27, 2016

1. Whatever happened to ___________________________?

2. I always ____________________________ on Memorial Day.

3. I used to wish                         , but                       .

4. I just cannot                        , no matter                         
My Answers:
1.  Whatever happened to good customer service? 
 There is a story behind this:  The other day I was at the grocery store and laid down 3 dollars in change.  I told the clerk I was writing my check for 2 dollars extra and that I would like a $5 dollar bill.  I handed her the check and then she asked if I wanted to pay for my stuff with the change I'd laid down.  I explained to her (again) that I wanted a $5 bill and that the change was to go with the extra amount that I wrote the check for.  She rings up the check and hands me $2.  I told her,  No I want a $5 bill and that is what the $3 still where I had laid is for.  She FINALLY gets the fact that I wanted a five dollar bill.   Good Grief!!!
2.  I always Take Flowers Out to my dad's, 1 aunt & 2 Grandma's graves
on Memorial Day.
3.  I used to wish I could travel more, but now I've learned to enjoy the places I do get to visit even it they are just around where I live.
4.  I just cannot eat watermelon, no matter how good people tell me it taste.  I've hated it since I was a kid, it actually makes me sick.
HAVE A GREAT MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND for those who celebrate.  It's the start of the summer events here in the US.


  1. Thank you for's always nice to see what goes on in other parts of the world.
    Happy weekend!

  2. Hello Ida, Sorry your duck did not win. The strawberries look delicious. The dog looks like it is enjoying the water. I am sure it was neat to watch the Native Americans doing their dance.

    Happy Friday, enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

  3. Very true about how poor customer service is getting... though your experience might have an IQ aspect, as well...

  4. love the cat with the mustache, your cat with the berries, the dog with the stick. but then you knew i would. sorry you did not win.. i fully understand about the water melon.
    i do NOT eat onions, i can't eat onions, raw onions make me sick... cooked in tomato sauce i can do.. people always say, onions are delicious, you just haven't had mine in MY potatoes salad. your thing is melon mine is onion....

  5. I do love that cat's mustache!

  6. wonderful photos....enjoy your long weekend.

  7. What an amazing post . . adorable kitty, brave fetching pup - beautiful dancers - and, I've NEVER heard (or seen) a ducky event like this one . . . gadzooks.

    now i want some strawberries. yum!

  8. adorable 'stache! usually it is black on white. :) beautiful dancers. darn on the ducks.

  9. I love seeing all the ducks in the water! Looks like a fun day and the strawberries look super, Ida.

  10. Oh, my gosh. I love watermelon, and strawberries, too. I could probably eat just those! Good answers. Thanks for joining in! Hugs.

  11. customer service went out the window years ago, there is none. I shop mostly mom and pop stores even if the price is higher, it's worth it these days.
    Love those duckies, and the most I love those sweet looking strawberries. Fun day was had for sure.

  12. #1 doggie paddle
    #2 wonderful =dress
    #3 who got there first?
    #4 I've never seem so many duckies
    #5 ducky trap?

    are those quarts? less than 2.50 is a great price here


  13. A great random 5 today Ida, I always enjoy them. The artwork of your cat and strawberries is so pretty and creative. All your photos are super. I love the one of the dog playing in the water, and the Native American Dancers and their beautiful traditional clothing. A cute one of Coleen and Ava walking up the path, and have never seen soooooooooo many duckies. Goodness, that’s quite a haul. Looks like so much fun. I’ve never heard of this festival before, a new one on me and what neat prizes. Sorry you didn’t win but there’s always next year :) Love the ducky shot on the water. Super cool! The strawberries and the flowers look really pretty. I have never seen that type of dogwood before. Yes, those strawberries are expensive. You finished off with a real cute cat picture. Such a great post.

  14. You have a wonderful collection of photographs and the kitty art was awesome! I agree about customer service, my husband loves to give cashiers not only rounded up dollar amount but also the exact change required, it totally throws today's youth who can't fathom that it enables them to return his change in whole dollars. They need to stop teaching calculator and start teaching basic math skills... and writing skills.. and spelling! I love cold watermelon but can only eat a small piece, eating more gives me a stomachache every time!

  15. What wonderful pictures and interesting events. Talk about getting your ducks in a row, that would be difficult with this many!

    Have a blessed weekend.

  16. I love all your photos, Ida! Beautiful ones of those in native dress....amazing, aren't they? And the ducks!!! That is a good fundraiser, isn't it? I saw a view from overhead somewhere, but I love your image of the ducks bunched together at the little waterfall.

  17. Excellent pictures, a visually exciting post!

  18. Excellent pictures, a visually exciting post!

  19. I love the 'watercolor' photo, Ida. It looks like your strawberries could be gobbled up at any moment :-)

  20. Those duck photos are great. Thanks for participating in the friendly fill-ins. I enjoyed your answers. I think you are the first person I have ever heard of to not like watermelon, but we all have different tastes. Have a great weekend.

  21. WOW - the pictures are AMAZING~~

  22. The customer service part made me laugh...I had an experience this week that left me saying ,"thanks for nothing" and then hanging up on the person. Not very mature of me, but I was frustrated.

    And I'm with you on watermelon...have never liked it.

  23. A colorful and fun post! Love those beautiful dogwoods. Even as they fade they're so pretty. I was thinking about going to Wednesday market to see if there are any strawberries yet. So much better than store bought. Nothing compares! And, of course, I love the kitty! Quite a character sporting his fancy 'stache!

  24. That cat has a truly amazing face! the moustache is in "negative" I didn't realise dogwood flowers were so pretty close up. Those strawberries look really fantastic. The dancers are so colourfully dressed, I love them!

  25. PS I might try to answer the questions myself, too.

  26. The River Salmon Festival looks like a lot of fun. The native dress is so colorful. I love the ducks ... what fun! Sorry your duck didn't win. Nothing better than fresh strawberries. Cute kitty! Have a great week.

  27. I just loved seeing all those ducks - what a great event, sorry you didn't win.
    Lovely post and lovely photo's.
    Bet those strawberries were yummy!

    Enjoy your weekend

    All the best Jan

  28. Oh boy, I thought, for a split second, that those were little chicks being dumped into the water!! I love that those duckies have sunglasses on! The black kitty is adorable and I love the oil painted look of the strawberries and your kitty!

  29. We attended one of those duck races before and never won either ! smile...Love all your photos and your answers!!!

  30. I think those duck races are so cool

  31. The duckies are a blast! I've never seen them funneled at the end to determine a winner. That's a great idea. We have a salmon festival on the coast at the end of July and it's very nice. Coincidentally, it's one town beyond a Passamaquoddy Reservation so we're able to enjoy learning more about their traditions. I especially enjoy the clothing and beautifully colored fabrics.

  32. What a wonderful festival! Loved the photos. And what an unusual dogwood! It must be a hybrid of a white and a pink! I've never seen one of this type before!

  33. I loved seeing the duck races. I've never seen one before and your pictures are great. I'm a big watermelon fan, but there's too much sugar for me. I will cheat once this summer.

  34. Oh what fun! The ducks are so cute racing down the river. I would probably never win either but I guess the money goes to a good cause.
    I think that the cat you found is a cousin to a cat I just saw on the :-)

  35. Those strawberries look delicious!! So much better than what is in our store right now. And we would pay about $7 for just ONE of those green containers. Is that a pint or 1/2 pint I think?? Our season is not until later in June, than the price will drop considerably. But it's always better to pick at a berry farm.

    Awww, look at that cute kitty. He does have a mustache! :)

  36. Happy Summer Ida. One time a lady I worked with one a $500 grocery gift card in the Eugene Duck Race and she donated it to our social committee for the food drive we always had at Thanksgiving for a family in need. The lady who won said she and her husband always ate out and she didn't need the groceries. (I was in charge of our charity drive that year, but boy if I'd won that gift card I am afraid it would not have been donated back. )

  37. The costumes are so colorful. A fun and interesting experience-- thanks for bringing me along!

  38. So many wonderful things in this post! Loved the mustached cat, so awesome! I loved the pictures of the duck races, and I'm sorry you didn't win too!!! Really fun pictures, and I'm loving the picture of your cat and the strawberries, ours are not quite ready yet! Lucky you :)

  39. I am so glad they did the duck race the proper way this year.
    The cat's mustache is certainly unique.

  40. so much color this week. i love the ducks. that is too fun!! i enjoy the Indian dancing too. i always want to get my hubby to look more into his heritage. he is Cherokee. see if we can find more about it and maybe some where to visit, etc. ( ;

  41. Look at all those ducks. Awesome!

  42. i enjoyed all the colorful photos, what a fun event! love the pooch swimming! thanks for linking ida, hope your week has been good to you!

  43. Very nice photos!
    That is a lot of rubber ducks!

  44. That's a LOT of ducks!


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