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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Late for the Party

Welcome! - Yes it's Saturday and I'm late for the Party....What party?  - Well how about Good Fences Around the World & Willy-Nilly Friday Five.

Busy excuse.

  Up first for GOOD FENCES

Spotted this decorative piece on a gate while out on a walk this past week.

I think it dresses up the plain wooden fence nicely.  Don't you?

Next to the pretty orange ball they had this sign:

Of course there were no fresh cut flowers because it's still winter here and about the only flowers growing now would be early crocus. 

Now let's join Tanya (Around Roanoke) for WILLY-NILLY FRIDAY 5

1.  It's time once again to sign up for the Teacup/Mug Exchange hosted by Stephanie from: The Enchanting Rose blog!!!

This is always so much fun.  You get to make friends with the person you send to and the person who sends to you.  It's so exciting when your package arrives, just like Christmas.  It's also a lot of fun picking out items to send to your partner.  You won't want to miss this so go sign up now.

2.  Coleen had to dress up in 80's fashion for a school project.  We are on a limited budget so had to find things she already had to work for the theme.  Here is what she & her mom came up with.

I think they did an awesome job.

3.  The winter was super hard on the roads here in "Wally World" (aka Walla Walla) -  Our street was a mess...pot holes, up rooted asphalt etc....they came the other day to do a "temporary" fix on the road.

This was part of the crew working on the road right in front of my mom's house and our house.  They just put down gravel and won't put new asphalt until late March or early April.  Not much of an improvement but better than nothing at all.

4.  Hubby was sitting at the table the other day and said to me:  "I think I may need you to wash off the back of my head."  -  I said,  "Why?"
He said, "Well a board hit me in the back of the head this morning while I was working and I think it might have some dried blood on it."

So I go look and told him,  "You are going to the ER to have that looked at right now."  He's like,  "No it's fine."  But being the nice wife that I am I said, "To bad, go get it checked out."  He did....

Here is the cut on his head before on the left & after they cleaned it up on the right.

Thankfully no concussion, no stitches needed (they glued it).  It's sore but he's lucky it wasn' t worse.  Men!

5.  Finally I leave you with a little video of our sweet kitty,  Caramel playing "fetch."

She is such a silly little thing and we love her to pieces.
Have a great day & thanks for stopping by.


  1. Ida, it's good to see you again. Lovely fences and we loved Caramel playing fetch. What a clever kitty!

  2. Colleen looks great! The hair is amazing!

  3. Happy weekend Ida! That's a lovely wood carving on the gate! Can't wait for more spring flowers!
    Coleen looks super cool and right out of the 80's!
    Love your sweet kitty!

  4. I loved every single part of your life for the party post. The fence is really cool and I really like it and calling looks adorable and I think they did a great job. The kitty is beyond cute. Oh no on the road

  5. Forgot the most important thing I wanted to say. Men!! About 20 years ago with Bob will still working as an auto mechanic he had one and I could you not it was three times longer than this one in the top of his head really came up under a car and sliced it and he would not go to ER it needed a ton of stitches he made me pull it together and tape it

  6. wow you have winter there luckily in Europe we have high temperature and sunny days no snow..

  7. Caramel is to cute! And that tail of hers! Beautiful :)

  8. Oh my goodness that certainly needed to be looked at.

    Interesting fence.

  9. ...I can't count the number of times that I've been hit in the head.

  10. I didn't know cats played fetch!

  11. I'm glad you made your husband visit the ER! Men can be quite exasperating at times. Once my husband cut his leg with a skill-saw and refused to go. He pulled it together with bandages and it healed fine, but there is quite a wide scar.
    Coleen's costume takes me back to the 80s!

  12. Hi Ida, Oh, how I love these photos and the sweet Caramal video! I hope you are doing well. Sending love to you and the entire family.

  13. That is so amazing! I've never seen a kitty play fetch like that before. I'm glad to hear hubby is okay. It always shocks me to see what men refuse to go the hospital for. Colleen looks fantastic!- that's the Eighties for sure!
    I'm looking forward to finding who's name I have for Stephanie's exchange next weekend so that I can get shopping and creating. It is such a fun event.
    Have a wonderful Sunday Ida,

  14. i can't believe how grown up colleen is, wow!!!! she does look amazing!!!!

    that's a very cool fence - i like the gazing ball and the sign - it sure dresses things up!!!

    super cute kitty!!!

  15. Very nice fence! I like the simplicity. I'm glad your husband's cut wasn't more serious.

  16. Glad you made the's a nice looking fence. Good job on Coleen's 80's fashion !

  17. Coleen looks great! School dress ups are so much fun. MEN! Mine is the same way. Always nothing wrong, when there is!

  18. Colleen looked so 80's!! The decorative piece of gate on the fence is so pretty. I was a bit squeamish with your hubby's cut, eek! Glad you took him to the ER!

  19. Interesting 5...cannot believe how much older Coleen looks...and yes, they did a great job. Nice fence finds.

  20. Lots of good stuff in this post. I especially like Caramel! That was pretty darn cute.
    We have one cat that sometimes fetches rolled up pieces of papers. One of our other cats, puts his toys on us when we are asleep.

  21. What a week you had indeed! Glad that your husband's head got looked at, and they were able to clean it up! Yes, men and their lack of worry for themselves! Beautiful fence post picture... no fresh flowers lol! Love your sweet Caramel, she is really a smart one! We love our pets so much, they bring so much joy to our home :) And yes, the tea exchange, hard to believe it is that time again! Still use my rooster mug almost every day from you... it is awesome! Hugs to you dear friend :)

  22. Wow, your cat actually fetches! That's a new one on me. Yikes, glad your hubby's OK. That is a pretty gate, and the orange ball is the perfect accessory. I don't remember doing theme days in school--or I didn't participate.

  23. Oh my, Caramel is adorable!! I can't believe she brought it back to him. That's so sweet.
    I love that decorative touch on the fence - I may have to do something like that to dress up our boring plain fence.

  24. I hope all is okay in your world...and that you are just busy. Just checking in.

  25. Oh hubbies. I am glad he is ok other than the cut. I do like the decorative addition to the gate.

  26. Goodness, so glad you persisted on the ER trip Ida, your hubby's head needed it. Hope he heals quickly. Coleen's 80's outfit is very cool. Your kitties are so cute, fences are neat too. The exchange sounds like fun. We are in the middle of a snow storm, the first real one of this winter. I don't think it will be more than 6 inches I have heard. It has been very nice catching up with you today.


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