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Monday, June 5, 2017

All Seasons - May Happenings


Welcome! - Wow time has really gone by quickly lately and boy am I behind in sharing what's been going on around here.

So today I'm linking up for ALL SEASONS hosted by Jesh (Art Works by Jesh St.G)

Every year here in May there is an annual event called the, Ducky Derby that is held to raise money for Child Abuse Prevention.  In recent years the Return to the River Salmon Festival is held the same day.  I've posted photos from both events before on the blog but it's always fun to show the photos from the current year so without further ado here goes...

First up some shots of the Native American Dancers at the Salmon Festival.

They were perfoming under a tent this year so it was a little difficult to get pictures. - Here the dancers are getting ready to perform.  I managed to get a shot of the drummers/singers (more like chanters) just as they were getting started with the show.

I love the colorful outfits that they wear.  This guy really has a cool looking outfit.

See how pretty and colorful their costumes are.  So many great details to them.

I loved the look on this young girls face when she finished her dance.  These Indians are all related to each other and are passing down their traditions to the younger generations.
Next up it's Ducky Derby time...

 Coleen and her friend, Helen on the bridge waiting for the start of the race. I went out to stand with them and had a bit of a scare as my car keys fell out of my pocket and landed on the grate of the bridge.  Thank goodness they did not slip through the slats of the bridge or we would have had a bit of a problem getting back home!

A shot of the photographer for the paper getting ready to shoot the start of the race.

And their off.....I believe the paper said there were around 19,000 ducks in the race this year. That's a lot of ducks.
Don't they look like they are having fun!

A shot of the Drone that flies over the race taking pictures.
A Ducky Derby that costume was hot!
Basket of ducks that were picked up after the race was over.
Once again none of my 5 ducks won any of the prizes...Oh well, there is always next year!
Hope you have enjoyed your visit.


  1. It looks like a fun day! You better get your duckies on some type of training program before next year.
    Nice photos!

  2. I always love your ducky post! The NA pics are amazing! I may show my class as we wrap up our unit.

  3. That duck race looks like fun! Love your photos!

  4. Love the costumes of the dancers. We have a lucky ducky race here every year but honestly I have no idea what the proceeds go to

  5. The costumes are so very colorful and beautiful.

  6. My small town has done something similar to the duck race. Always a fun event! Love the Native American clothing. Very beautiful!

  7. Ida, I have really enjoyed this visit. I hope all is well in your world and that it is just being busy that keeps you from blogging. Coleen is a young woman now...

  8. I've seen those duck races and they are a lot of fun! Better luck next year! You'll win! I know you will! Hugs!

  9. I love watching Native American dances. The Duck Derby s fun--you took wonderful photos of it! A similar Duck Derby is held here in Colorado in the town of Evergreen every year.

  10. Lovely photos of the native dancers!

  11. Oh my goodness, what fun - a mock race! And also non-human:):) You are lucky you didn't lose your keys! Many thanks for sharing with All Seasons with these fun events! Have a great week, Ida!

  12. Sound that you had a wonderful time. All pics looks good:)

  13. The costumes are beautifully detailed and lovely to watch, and the ducks are so much fun!

  14. I remember the duckys from other posts, and they still impress me. I would love to see the native American dancers, drums are my thing and I like the chants also.. beautiful costumes

  15. Ducks Race for money raising is wonderful idea. I like your 'young Indian girl' capture very much. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Too bad your duckies didn't pull through for you, but what a fun event!
    Have a great rest of your week Ida,

  17. Hey guess what? Your comment today came through to my blog! (this I realized after I replied your email!) Hope you remembered how you did it:) By the way, I love Indian costumes and their culture.

  18. That would be such a fun thing to watch and photograph! The Native Americans do know how to dress and get your attention. I went to a few NZ events when I lived in Kansas, too.

  19. lol, taht was quite a day! I bet you had a lot of fun. Love the naative outfits and wonder what if would feel like wearing them :)

  20. those costumes are so colorful and really beautiful, what detail!!! i remember the duck derby from years past, it always sounds fun!!!

  21. Love seeing the beautiful native dancers in their colorful costumes! The duck race looks fun - glad you didn't lose your keys!


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