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Friday, November 30, 2018

Willy Nilly Friday Five

Well if you follow my blog you've probably noticed I've been absent again for a couple of weeks. Seems that is a pattern for me anymore.  I'm still alive and doing okay, just busy.

So today I'm joining Tom (The Backroads Traveller) for:

1.  A Frosty Rose - I finally managed to get the rose bushes cut back in the last couple of weeks.  Captured this one before I cut the bushes back.

                                  A Watery Leaf Print on the Windshield

2.  Seasonal Decore 

Spotted this in someone's yard and had to take a picture because Thanksgiving usually doesn't get much attention.

                                          My mom's new Nativity and Angel

3.  A colorful Truck I spotted while out one day.

4.  Flying South for the Winter - Geese at Bennington Lake with the Blue Mtns. in the background.  Yes we have (snow) in the mountains already.

5.  It's "Sumo Kitty" (aka - Speedy G)

Hope you've enjoyed your visit.  - Have a great weekend.



  1. Gorgeous rose!

    Love the Christmas lights.

  2. The frosty rose is gorgeous! The leaf print is so cool, not many people would have even noticed it. Your Mom's Christmas decorations are lovely. And I love the mountains with the geese, even the field is so pretty. Sumo kitty is a rather appropriate name!

  3. Great shots! The first two are stunning, and sumo kitty is amusing.

  4. Great pictures. I especially like the frosty rose. Very pretty

  5. still smiling at Sumo Kitty and love your moms new nativity. sadly we rarely see them here. it is all blow up stuff like the turkey. we have 2 turkeys like this in my mile walk.

  6. ...the frosty rose is lovely.
    ...those blowup things are popping up all over.
    ...that there be light.
    ...interesting two tone.
    ...our geese stay here all winter.
    ...does look too speedy!
    Thanks Ida for stopping by, enjoy your week.

  7. What interesting photos. Now I will head to Tom's blog to see what he has to offer. I love the snow on the mountains.

  8. The frosty rose is lovely!!
    That cat is a riot!

  9. Your frosty photos are so pretty, especially the white edging on the rose. It looks like lace. Have a good rest of the weekend, Ida.

  10. Ida - so much to like about this post, starting with the frosty rose and ending with the Sumo Kitty - truly made me laugh out loud! And a special shout out for your Mom's nativity and angel - so nice to see a display that is about the true reason for the season!

  11. Hi, long time since I that first shot. There was a house a couple blocks down the street that had one of those blow-up turkeys!

  12. You made me chuckle at "Sumo Kitty". Maybe not too speedy these days? Adorable, though. I love that truck! One of my favorite color combos. Hey, if you're going to have a truck, why not make it pretty? I gasp at the rose and the leaf print. Those are outstanding photos! We haven't had any frost yet this winter. I cut back my one rose and it grew back and bloomed again. Sheesh!


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