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Friday, May 31, 2019

Willy Nilly Friday Five - May 31, 2019

I'm Still Alive! - Wow an entire month has passed by and I'm finally posting.  Let me tell you all I really miss blogging but taking care of my mom has become pretty much a "full-time" job anymore so blogging kinda gets put on the back burner.

Anyway I'm happy to post today for Tom's:  WILLY NILLY FRIDAY FIVE
1.  I've been busy this month planting flowers and weeding etc... on of the things I did was refurbish this decorative dog that my mom keeps on her porch.  See how "sad" he looks.

Here he is all fixed up after I painted him.  Doesn't he look happy now!

2. Here's just a few of the many pots of flowers that I planted and put on her porch this year.
3.  Had to show at least one Lilac photo from my mom's tree.  It was loaded with gorgeous blooms this year and for a change it didn't rain and knock them all off the tree before they could finish blooming.

4.  While waiting for the "Ducky Derby"to start I snapped a few sky shots.  The annual Derby was held May 18 and you might think this is snow but it's actually fuzz off of Cottonwood trees.

Also happened to catch a plane on it's way to the airport.

5.  Coleen and her friend, Helen enjoying their walk up the path to where the race starts and of course some shots of the ducks on their way down the creek to the finish line.

Once again none of my ducks won any of the prizes.  I'll try again next year.

6.  Memorial Day picnic in my mom's front yard.  Lots of good food.

Bonus shots:

 Allium in full bloom.

 Took this shot in the evening and happened to notice an orange lamp in the window of the house where I shot the allium so I leaned down and captured the orange glow behind the flower.  I think it looks really cool.

Pretty Peacock feathers at the park.

That's it for this edition.  Hope you have enjoyed the photos and have a great weekend.  -  Here's to June and Strawberry season!!!


  1. I love the ducks. That's most clever.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥

  2. I continue to be amazed by your photographic talents!! What a clever thought to capture the Alium with the light behind it! You did a splendid job with the blue dog!! I would not have even known how to change him to happy. He looks like he is made from a slinky toy! And I like the springy shadow of him, too. We have a duck race here every spring. You are extraordinary to be taking care of your mom, and even her flowers!! They are gorgeous. I do hope that blogging gives you a little break where you can temporarily forget all the sadness, and just have fun sharing with your blog friends! Blessings to you, my friend.

  3. A great series of photos! Love the flowers, and the food looks good, too!
    The dog does look happier! He just needed what all dogs need - a bit of loving care.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. you may be really busy but you are still taking AMAZING photos. I love those bonus shots. Wow! the food looks yum and the people look happy. and that blue dog, all I can say is what a transformation by painting. he looks joying and beautiful and oh so happy.

  5. totally awesome garden your mom has; and yes, pup DOES look happier !!! they have a duck race here
    every year as well; no one ever wins but the proceeds benefit a great cause :) ☺☺♥

  6. grandson is learning welding in high school, I hope that he will make things like this in my shop.'s not safe to plant here until Memorial Day, I still planting.
    ...beautiful lilac, a wonderful sign of spring.
    ...that sure is a bunch of ducks!
    ...I'm glad that you had a great weekend.
    ...a great Allium, I need to plant some.
    ...Peacocks are nature's show offs. weekend we are off to a strawberry feastival.
    Thanks Ida for stopping by, I hope to see you back again.

  7. I love the dog and it looks great with its new paint job. The flower are all so pretty. I love lilacs but have never been able to get one to grow in my yard.

  8. Great shots! Good job on fixing the dog :)

  9. I've seen duck races advertised but I have not been to one. Makes a fun photo!

  10. Those Peacock feathers are an unique point of view.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy June!

  11. I love the blue metal dog - he is great! And then I noticed that your cat Pepper is like the twin of my Sissi! Your mother's porch is a flowering paradise! Yes - that allium shot is ingenious! Wishing a happy weekend.

  12. what a great post, those flowers are gorgeous and you did a great job painting the doggy! Your Memorial Day food looks delicious!!

  13. No need to post every day, unless you want to post everyday. The beauty of the blog is that it's the one thing that the writer can pick the "what, why and when!"

  14. So glad to see you blogging! Love that little dog and the ducks are always so fun!

  15. It's amazing what a bit of paint can do, even for a dog! That's a lot of ducks - better luck next time! I love the shot of the allium with the orange glow - so aware of you to notice this - sometimes I am just not paying enough attention! You are a blessing to your mom, and I hope you have some time to yourself to relax.

  16. How did I not know that there were ducks racing in their sunglasses out there? What fun.


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