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Friday, September 9, 2011

Photo Art Friday

Well first off I want to say that I am just a "beginner" with my photography skills.  I don't have a fancy camera, I use a Cannon Power Shot A1100 IS camera but I want to get better and hopefully learn a lot more about taking pictures so I thought I'd jump in on this challenge.  I found it thanks to another blogger that I recently found, Eveyln (Within My Focus). I love her work.

Anyway the challenge is called Photo Art Friday and so without further ado here is my photo:

This is one of our 6 (yes, Six) cats.  Her name is Callie-Jo and she is part Siamese and part Calico.  Her face is so interesting.  We call her, "Wonky Face" because of it.  Aren't those blue eyes just gorgeous!

Now I really don't know much about photo editing.  I did a few minor edits in Picasa to sharpen and highlight the color a little more.  So what you all think...I'm open to suggestions but please be gentle.


  1. Wow - Callie-Jo's face is a piece of art in and of itself! I like the way you framed her and the contrast of those incredible round blue eyes with her spikey white whiskers.

    Thanks you so much for sharing your work with Photo Art Friday.

  2. Totally amazing blue eyes...and the point of view here is so effective! Beautiful photo.

  3. I'm so impressed that you managed to get close enough to Callie-Joe there to get such a good portrait. My cat always looked the other way at the crucial moment. You've captured a face full of character and done great justice to those beautiful eyes. I'd say you're off to a great start, using your camera.

  4. Callie-Jo is gorgeous and you got in nice and close to show off those lovely blue eyes!

    There are five kitties here, none blue-eyed, tho.

  5. I have a Canon Powershot, too, but mine is an SX20IS & I love it... I've never had a fancy camera, so I don't know that luxury! =)

    Evelyn just emailed me about this meme, too... she must be getting paid for bringing in participants! heheheee LoL! =)

    I have 3 cats, myself, including a calico, Chloe, but she doesn't have blue eyes... WoW, Callie is gorgeous! =)

    Some of the things I've learned about photography is that if you don't have a tripod, keep your arms tight by your side when you snap shots, that way it cuts out a lot of blur... I have a habit of holding my breath while snapping the shutter button, too... keep your pics bright, not dark... also, learn your camera & what it can do... don't be afraid to experiment & ask others what looks best! =)

    happy weekend

  6. excellent focus and cropping in your photo - love her face

  7. wonderful shot of a gorgeous cat!

  8. no more edit needed it looks great

  9. No reason to be "gentle". You have a gorgeous shot of this magnificent cat. You should be very proud. It's not the camera, anyway, it's the photographer!

  10. What a gorgeous cat! Great portrait!


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