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Thursday, November 1, 2012

More Halloween Fun

Welcome! - Well Halloween is officially over for another year but the pictures are still coming.  As promised in yesterday's post here are a few more Halloween shots.

Vampire Queen Coleen.

                                          Looking pretty scary with those teeth!

                                                My favorite shot of her.

Mommy dressed as a witch with her little Vampire Queen.

                                             Having some Broom Fun!

Next up a few of my favorite's Costume's from the Downtown Candy Give-Out.

                                        Clifford (aka Leo) The Big Red Dog.
                Seriously they spray painted their dog red and he certainly was big!

The Staypuff Marshmallow Man

                                               A cute little Gnome

            Everyone in this office dressed up as characters from Alice in Wonderland.

                                             This next one just cracked me up....

A Pregnant Nun!

Here is the Master Pumpkin Carver hard at work!  What a technique.

Finally here are pictures of our Pumpkins.

Greta carved the Dinosaur (that was the pattern Coleen picked out).  Coleen drew and carved the 2 pumpkins in the middle all by herself.  Mike carved the Ghost and the Cat (see next photo).  I took pictures!

This one sat on my mom's porch next door.

It was a wonderful evening weatherwise for Trick-or-Treating but we only ended up having about 22 kids come by.  With the downtown candy give out, church harvest parties, the Truck-or-Treat put on by the Cheerleaders just don't go door-to-door Trick or Treating much any more.  I miss the Good Old Days!


  1. I love the pics of Colleen and her mom. I love the pumpkin carved with a cat, too! We did not have any door to door children either! Times have changed!

  2. I love all your pictures! Coleen makes a very convincing Vampire Queen and her mom "riding" the broom is great! I miss seeing the trick-or-treaters, we don't get any out here in the country. (sigh)

  3. Gosh you looked like you had a fun Halloween there and that everyone took part in it! Sandie


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