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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"Whatever" Wednesday - Autumn Beauty Edition

Hallelujah the Election is over!!! - No more political ads on TV every 5 minutes, no more annoying political phone calls at all hours of the day, no more signs plastered all over the place urging you to vote for this canidate or issue.    I look forward to Peace and Quiet now.

So today instead of voicing my opinion about the outcome of the election I'm giving you Autumn Beauty!  Our fall has been spectacular after a slow start and would you believe it was 71 here on Monday.  Of course (_ _ _ _) is expected this weekend.  You can fill in the blanks.  I'm hoping that maybe if I don't type the word or say it that it will not happen.  I'm so not ready for it, that's for sure.

       Took this shot while waiting at the stop light the other day.  Look at all that color!

I love the way the leaves carpet the ground.

I spotted this lovely autumn drenched stream the other day and had to take a photo.

                   I love the lacey look of these green leaves edged in yellow with those little tips of red.

Spotted these beauties in a parkling lot of a local church and popped in to take their picture.

I liked this vining plant and the rain soaked leaves that had fallen on top of it just added to it's charm.

These pretty leaves had drops of rain just hovering near the edge waiting to fall to the earth.  Such delicate beauty.

Finally the sun was out on this day and just made this tree alive with gorgeous color.

Have a wonderful day and remember to give thanks for all the good things that are in your life.


  1. Beautiful autumn pics! I'm really glad there is nothing political about it. I, too, will be happy not to see all those blasted ads. Can you believe it? It's snowing here. Early even for us.

  2. Beautiful autumn shots! Are those poplar trees on Poplar Street? ;)

  3. Stunning... just stunning photo's.
    I love them all. The cat yawn is a bit disturbing though. Funny

  4. You fall colors are so much prettier then ours. Sandie

  5. OH how I love fall colors. These are lovely.


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