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Friday, November 30, 2012

Photo Art Friday - November 30, 2012

Wow this is the last Photo Art Friday of 2012.  Bonnie asked us to share our favorite piece of Photo Art this week.  I'm a bit late getting mine up but I chose this piece as my favorite:  I chose this because I just loved how the flower and the texture looked together.  It's cheery and the verse is something that I am trying to practice everyday.  In fact this piece is the very first piece I've done that I actually had put on Canvas.  The finished worked hangs over our television so I can be reminded of the verse on a regular basis.

I have so enjoyed the challenges Bonnie has offered this year for Photo Art Friday and all the wonderful texture's that she has graciously offered.  It has challenged me to look at photography in a different way then just taking pictures (although I love to do that as well).  I look forward to learning and growing more in the coming New Year.

I've been absent from my blog for a week or so and just wanted to let everyone know that if I haven't been by your blog or commented much it's just that this time of the year is super hectic for me and I am not always able to spend time on the computer like I would like too.  I want to thank everyone for supporting me in my Photo Art and Photography.  Your comments mean a lot to me and I appreciate your input and blog visits more then you will ever know.

I'm leaving you with a photo I took this week of a brave little flower still attempting to bloom even through the colder weather that we are now experiencing.

Please stop by Bonnie's blog and check out the other participants and also there are some great new texture's there available as well.

Take care & I'll see you back in 2013for Photo Art Friday when it starts back up.


  1. this is beautiful. love the faded background and the yellow flower popping out like it does!

  2. sweet reminder, Ida. I, too, have learned so much and been wildly encouraged by Bonnie and the lot of all the wonderful people here at PAF.

    I love that verse. Very Much. Someone once made a lovely needlepoint of it and whenever I see it I remember that person and that time of my Life when she was a part of it...

    EnJOY your holidays and BE blessed!! See you here in January!!

  3. Understand everyone is busy. Love the spritual thoughts and picture.

  4. That photo, your editing and the Bible verse are truly an inspiration. So pleased to hear you had it printed on canvas and can appreciate it every day! Thank you, Ida, for sharing your artwork with Photo Art Friday.

  5. both are really beautiful, but the second is my favorite

  6. What a lovely piece! I'll bet it looks great in canvas! I was wondering where you were, glad everything is okay! :)

  7. Beautiful image, and I love the psalm from the Bible, so inspirational! :) Have a nice holiday season!

  8. This is a beautifully executed photo and the effects you added are fabulous. I can see why you would put it on canvas. It must look wonderful on your wall. Happy holidays, Ida!

  9. what a beautiful image and the verse is perfect for it~!~i can see why you chose to put it on canvas and hang where it could be seen and enjoyed daily.

    the past year has been such a good growth year for me in regards to digital photo work and i have appreciated sharing with you within the PAF forum.
    i'm feeling brave and looking for a group/challenge to involve myself in some digital art journaling for 2013. if you hear of something, please pass it along to me.


  10. This is lovely..My quest in photography has been an adventure. So much to learn and such a blessing to make new friends and to be free to explore and create..


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