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Friday, August 9, 2013

Random 5 Friday


It's been a busy week and I haven't had much time for posting or commenting, which I apologize for if you've visited and left a comment and I  haven't reciprocated by commenting back on your blogs.  I hope to do better when school starts back up.

Joining in with Nancy (A Rural Journal) today though for Random 5 Friday.

1.  We had a tiny amount of rain for about 2 days late last week, it was so nice and very refreshing.  To bad we didn't get more and the weather has once again jumped back in the upper 90's.  Expected to be 95 today which is somewhat cooler then yesterday's 99.

2,  Late Saturday night when I went to bed I heard water running in our bathroom but nothing was coming out of the faucet.  I woke hubby when I stepped on the carpet and it left a wet foot print.  Seems the pipe had come loose and was leaking.  Needless to say we had a big mess both in our bedroom and in the basement where water was pouring through the ceiling.  Now we have to replace the bedroom carpet and repaint but hey it was old carpeting and the bedroom needs a little sprucing up.

3.  Trying to get around this town right now without finding a "Detour"  or "Road Closed" sign is getting pretty tough.  For years the people have complained about the bad roads and potholes here in town.  This summer the city finally listened.  Problem is that they decided to repair what seems like all the roads I travel on at once which makes getting around town quite tricky.  I hate those Orange Cones!!!

4.  Yesterday we started a Women's Bible Study.  I'm excited about it but wondering where I'll find time to actually read the study book.  It seems like there is always something going on around here and I rarely have a quiet moment to myself anymore.  Which leads me to.....

5.  So looking forward to school starting.  Coleen has kept me busy with her swimming lessons which wrap up next Friday.  She gets "bored" after swimming though and wants to play with the neighbor kids who I must say drive me nuts ringing the doorbell every 5 minutes to see if Coleen can play or to tattle on each other or trying to  find out if one of their siblings is here.  So yes,  the school year can't come soon enough for this tired Grandma!
 (3 more weeks to go)


  1. We have so much road construction around here, too, that it makes me dread those orange cones. I sympathize with you!

    I also know what your mean about counting the days until school starts and not having "me" time. I try to remember that MY grandmother kept my daughter for 5 years while I worked....until my daughter went to kindergarten. I try to remember how much my daughter still loves the memory of my grandmother, and how much good she did for my daughter, loving her the way she did. SO much better than day care! And my daughter never got sick until she went into school. lol So, just think about what good you are doing...and how much you are appreciated....and how much money you are saving your granddaughter's family....and then count again how many days are left....that you can have a real impact on not only her life, but the lives of all those kids coming to your door. I know you are nice to them, or else they wouldn't have the nerve to come ring it. :) Hang in there....This too shall pass!

  2. Oh those orange cones are a nightmare when we want to be somewhere!

    Lovely photo of the rose. I can smell its wonderful scent now! :)

  3. i hear you about the road work - think the road crews find when roads will be their busiest & then work then ... very frustrating. reminds me of the time we were traveling out west last year & the hubby got up stopped the car made us lunch ... stretched & relaxed all the time while they worked ... it was totally wild. but i guess it did give us a chance to get some stuff done. thankfully we didn't have to be any where. ( :

  4. That is a gorgeous rose the raindrops. Sorry about the leak even could have at least sprung its leak during daylight hours. I keep saying it seems far too early for kids to be going back to school, well 3 weeks from now maybe not...

  5. Ida ~ glad to be visiting your blog again.
    Great! rose photo.
    And, congrats on starting the Bible Study.
    Hang in there until school starts :)

  6. Ida,
    I hope you got the broken water pipe thing figured out. Not fun. As far as the wet foot print goes ... sometimes our toilet likes to over flow. It's always clean water, but a mess.

    Your rose picture is beautiful. I like the raid drops you captured.

    School will start before you know it and you will be wondering how it flew by so fast.

  7. Water on the floor - never a good sign but you seem to handle it good-naturedly. We've had a local bridge out for 11 months now.

  8. Nothing worse than midnight surprises. Hope you get everything fixed up fast.

  9. Glad to see you could put a positive spin on the pipe leaking. School starting should give you the break you need!

  10. Boo to the busted water pipe! I hate road construction too. It seems it is everywhere in Tucson when we have to go there.

  11. The rose is lovely. The water drops make it exquisite. What book are you using in your Bible study? I was in a women's study I loved, but had to give it up when I got more piano students in the evenings. I miss it!

  12. how awful... water everywhere. I hope you got it all cleaned up and things are back to normal now.

  13. Just want to mention first how I love seeing you bloom as a blogger -- your site is so pretty and your posts and photos just get better and better. There. That had to be said. :)

    I know how much you love having Colleen -- but school will be good for the both of you. xo

  14. What a beautiful photo!
    Love your Random 5!!!!
    You had me smiling and nodding my head "yes" to a few!

  15. That's pretty hot weather for your neck of the woods. It has been a beautiful summer here. 70's and 80's mostly. Can't complain.

  16. Very nice rose. Seems funny that the kids are going back to school so early. Best wishes with the new Bible study.

  17. what a beautiful image!! good thing for weather changes, what else would we blog about!! hehe

  18. Sorry about pipes problem, sounds like what we had with our basement in the spring.
    Construction, construction... it is nice to have nice roads, but not when it happens at once.
    School is round the corner for us too! :)


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