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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday Muse - August 27, 2013

Won't you join me as we take in Tuesday Muse brought to you by the wonderful Nancy, (A Rural Journal).

I'm going to try and remember the words behind my piece today since it's already started out to be a not so simplistic day.  We have an "ant" problem in our house and this morning I discovered a new trail of the hideous and annoying creatures so I had to move boxes, pick up magazines, spray and vacuum the floor in the hopes of keeping them at bay.  Seriously we need to get an exterminator here one of these days so that we can rid ourselves of these tiny little intruders.

But I digress so without further ado here is my entry for Tuesday Muse.

Click to Enlarge for detail.

Simplicity, clarity, singleness: These are the attributes that give our lives power and vividness and joy as they are also the marks of great art. They seem to be the purpose of God for his whole creation.
                              -Richard Holloway-

So today while some things may not be as simplistic as I'd like them to be I'm going to try to reflect on God's creation (even the ants) and enjoy His beauty.

Here is the unedited version:

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Have a great day.


  1. We have had ants this year from all the rain. It creeps me out to find them crawling on me, but we have no trail!

  2. What a lovely edit! I really like that quote too, a good one to remember.
    I sure hope you get the ants under control. They sure can be annoying for such little guys!

  3. Beautiful processing!! Good luck with your ant problem.

  4. Simplicity at its best!

    Excellent editing.

  5. A lovely edit, Ida.

  6. So sorry about those ants Ida. My sister in Arizona gets them occasionally and is never too happy about it.

    That's a lovely shot and edit. Pretty pink. :)

  7. nicely done with the texture on your photo..
    Ant issues seems to be in my life an never ending problem too -- err


  8. Your texture edit on this photo is so lovely! I know what you mean. Simplicity sounds great, but then the ants show up! I think when we have to struggle to get to simplicity, we'll appreciate it more, even if it's just moments here and there :)

  9. love the canvas feel to your shot .. good luck with the ants

  10. One time, years ago, I found a trail of ants in my kitchen. I followed the trail to see what they had found. This is true. I am not exaggerating in the least....there was ONE grain of rice, stuck on the underside of a lid that I had missed when I had hand washed the dishes. I followed that trail to the window, out the window....down the siding....across the garage the neighbors fence....all the way down the length of our back yard on that metal the wooden fence across the back yard.....into the alley in back of us....I had a MILLION ants all coming to a feast of ONE GRAIN OF RICE. The ant that found the rice in the beginning and went back to tell the others must have exaggerated when he went to tell the others what he found. Of course, Raid and I spoiled their party. I decreased the surplus population of ants by 1,000,000 that day!!! :)

    As always, your pictures are wonderful. Hope you get your ant problem under control quickly!

  11.  Hi! Nice captures. Both your texture photo and original photo are very beautiful.
    I hope ants will not appear again.

  12. Absolutely beautiful.

  13. These flowers are so beautiful!
    We had the same problem with ants in our house about a month ago. That wasn't so much fun. Hope you will solve this problem soon, Ida!

  14. Your photo is very pretty with the texture on it. Hope you can solve your ant problem. Valerie

  15. What pretty photos! I really like the quote as well. I hope you get your ant problem solved. We used to have ants really bad at our old house so I feel your pain!

  16. lovely captures for simplicity Ida

  17. So soft and dreamy! Excellent texture work!

  18. That's beautiful, Ida. I'm intrigued by the you posted these photos - clicking to get an enlarged photo - and the original too. How did you do that?

  19. oohhhh ida, these are just lovely!!

  20. Thanks a lot for your kind comment on my latest post Ida!

    All the best form Sweden this week, I'm right visiting our Swedisch, Finnish and Danish colleagues for some technical trainings south of Stockholm.

    Great flower shots!


  21. Very nicely done! I hope you get the ants sorted out. Good luck!


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