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Friday, August 30, 2013

Random 5 Friday

It's Friday!!! - You know when I was working that phrase always excited me.  These days, not so much since I'm home all the time and the days pretty much seem the same.  But it is exciting to be able to join Nancy (A Rural Journal) for Random 5 Friday.
1.  No squirrels are showing up at the sight of the vacant trees but the Crows are still enjoying the peanuts! - This little guy is on our back fence heading towards the squirrel feeder where they still visit on a daily basis.  I just don't see them unless I'm out back.
2.  I saw a Humming Bird this week.  Sadly I didn't have my camera handy.  Still I was thrilled to spot it and enjoyed watching as it landed for a few brief seconds on a nearby wire before flying off across the street.
3.  The insects have been showing up more this past week.  We found a Preying Mantis, a Katydid and an ugly Spider this week.  See below.  I don't mind photographing them but this thing ran at me...Eeeek!!!
He's lucky I didn't stomp on him after that. - Coleen spotted the Katydid on my mom's rose bush.
4.  I enjoy baking and here lately I've had the chance to do more as I like to have some kind of a refreshment to serve at the Bible Study.  Last night it was Soft Lemonade Cookies.  Click on link for recipe.  They turned out great and everyone loved them.

5.  I'm off to take Coleen to the Fair!


  1. The spider is too big and the cookies look wonderful! I hope your time at the fair was fun!

  2. Great snippets of your week! I love the details on the katydid. Sometimes they are so hard to spot, especially when they're on green leaves. This one is beautiful on the red! Enjoy the fair!

  3. Hope you and Coleen are enjoying the fair! Those cookies look delish! I love lemon cookies. And terrific pics of the squirrel and the katydid.

  4. those cookies look amazing..have already pinned it:) Have a great wknd.

  5. That is a great shot of the Katydid!

  6. The cookies look and sound delicious!
    Love the katydid shot and how well you captured that glint in his eyes.

  7. Great photos (except for the spider, which actually kind of scared me). The cookies look so moist and yummy!

  8. Have fun at the fair! The cookies look delicious! I would have screamed if that spider ran in my direction, but them I am a wimp!

  9. That spider would have freaked me out running after me -- I'm not really afraid of spiders unless they want to take to that level. :)

  10. I DO NOT do spiders!! you're braver than I! hummers are hard to catch...even if they sit awhile!

  11. I love your photos Ida, but have to admit, the spider horrified me! I thought my heart would stop when I scrolled onto it. (Oh, I need therapy, I know)


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