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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Abstract Vines

Welcome.  It's time for some NF digital art fun over on Nature Footstep.
This week we were to take our "simple" art from last week and create a texture to use with it.

I've done 2 different pieces.  One does not really have a texture just some fun effects.

So here is the starting point for my art pieces:  Click to enlarge all photos.

My first piece was created using some fun editing effects.

It reminds me of Van Gogh's Starry Night

Now for my next version I'm sure you would exactly call this a texture or not.  I started out with the same vine photo but cloned out the concrete block lines.  Then I  did some adjustments with the color etc...and added more of an overlay of another photo. - See below.  This is the photo I worked with along with the vine photo.

The end result:

I just love how this turned out and hope you do as well.


  1. Pretty images and abstracts.. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  2. they are both beautiful.. good job.. i like them both

  3. Ooh, I love both of these! Great swirls in the Van Gogh version, and it makes a couple of the leaves look like hearts! But I think my favourite is the second. The images works so well together!

    PS Happy Thanksgiving, Ida!

  4. What fun! This is really beautiful and I love the color.

  5. I like what you did with these! I have to say I think the last one is my favorite! I like the addition of the branches.

  6. These look very interesting! I like the effects :)

  7. i feel like i have a card that has a similar design. if i recall where it is ... i will let you know. very cool. ( :

  8. Wow that looks beautiful. Great job!!

  9. Very nice end result! Lovely abstract!

  10. I tried commenting earlier but I guess blogger ate my comment!!
    I love the starry nights. And the last one with the birds too- the vine really pops against the gold!!

  11. Lovely...yes I can see similarities to Starry Night♪

  12. Your final result is lovely. I love the combination of the two photos, plus the texture of the concrete and the colors. Excellent image.

    You can find my Digital Art creation for this week here:

  13. I say WOW. I love how both of them turned out. Great shapes and color. Easily useable as wall decoration. :)

  14. both are fantastic, but I really love that first more abstract one. It really does look like a painting.
    well done!

  15. Your digital art is so creative! Love what you did:)
    also like your kitty cats and squirrels:)

  16. That is so neat. I would love to learn to make some of those also.

  17. The first one is very Van Gogh. Amazing colors! The second reminds me of some gorgeous designer paper I have. Fabulous, Ida!


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