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Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Link-Ups

Happy Friday! -  It's time to join in on the fun of
Willy-Nilly Friday Five hosted by Tanya from (Around Roanoke)
 Be patient as there are several Memes here and it's a lot to take in.

Click to enlarge all photos.
1.  This is the Marcus Whitman Hotel located here in Walla Walla.  It's also the tallest building in town.  I'm not sure exactly how tall it is but if you click on the link you can read more about the Hotel.  Be sure to check out the "History" of the Hotel.    So what is the tallest building in your town?
Photo taken in November of last year.
2.  Spotted this odd cloud formation about a week ago one afternoon and thought they looked cool.  I have no idea what type of a cloud formation this is.  However if you want to see some super cool cloud formations check out this link:
3.  When Coleen and I walked around Whitman campus earlier this month I thought these shrubs looked really neat so I snapped a photo of them.  Trees and in this case shrubs can be very interesting.  Check these out.
4.  Ever heard of a Pole Cat?  -  Well here is a fine example of one.....
Just kidding....
This is also my entry for Feline Friday hosted by Steve (Burnt Food Dude).
Here is a link to actual Pole Cats 
Ghost was actually after something and you'll see what below.  In the mean time while checking out Pole Cats I found a band by the same name.  What do you think of their music?

5.  So this was the object of Ghosts attention.  He was trying to catch this little fellow.  - No interesting facts here about squirrels but rather an odd question.  Does anyone know why they would have a padlock on this bar aparatus on the pole? I mean come on...who is going to climb a telephone pole and steal it?

Now here is my entry for
Feline Art: 
                                                "The Watcher"

This is Ghost watching that squirrel just before he chased it up that pole in the photo above.

Here is the original version as well:

Have a wonderful Friday.


  1. cute varmint, adorable pole cat, really cool trees and skies!

  2. this is one "Ghost Story" i love as much as the movie... the pole cat is just to funny and a great shot and that silly square has no idea it is in danger...

  3. Cats rock and pole cat is awesome. Or is that pawsome.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday. ☺

  4. #1 We a Marcus Whitman School here.
    #2 I'll ask my grandson, he knowns everything.
    #3 Looks like some parts are missing!
    #4 Neat pole cat!
    #5 Neat squirrelly squirrel!

    Tom The Backroads Traveller

  5. Beautiful header, Ida! Enjoyed your post, as always. Ghost is beautiful & full of mischief! Have a blessed weekend!

  6. Beautiful photos!
    I especially liked the clouds (really interesting), the shrubs (so particular), and the cat (so cute)!
    Have a nice weekend, Ida!

  7. i love the trees - they look like bonsai brushes or shrubs. not sure which? i love the name walla walla. ha. ha!! ( :

    i linked up from my other blog today

  8. Cool clouds! Love the cat trying to climb the pole, too funny!

  9. Ghost is a beautiful cat. I'm not sure about the padlock, but it looks like there are two plates together related to the other post or pipe that is on the pole. Hmmmmm.

  10. The twisted trees are pretty neat...and I loved the pole cat!

  11. Nice and lovely photos, lovely gray skies, beautiful light !!

  12. Great post and thanks for the links. I shall check them out. Loved your cloud formation photo and your kitty is so cute as is the squirrel. I would join in but don't have a cat, sorry :(

  13. Great photos! The color and light in the building shot is wonderful, and the clouds are beautiful. Plus I loved the "pole cat." :-)

  14. your kitty is gorgeous! Have a great day!

  15. Always like your pictures. I think the new One World Trade Center is the tallest now. Long may it stand!

  16. I think the tallest building around here is a building called Armada Hoffler Tower. Those skies are amazing, especially the one called ondulatus asperatus. That cat is on a mission, to the top! Ghost is so handsome! I like it with and without filter :) Great pictures! And the squirrel is so cute too!

  17. lol at the pole cat! that hotel is gorgeous and really cool cloud formation...your kitty portrait is beautiful!! thank you for linking and have a great weekend!

  18. Ida,
    Ghost is so pretty. So, fluffy.
    "The Watcher" - what I wouldn't give to become "The Watcher of my mind" :)

    Have a Beautiful Day!

    Peace :)

  19. Wow, beautiful photos and beautiful kitty! Happy Friday to you! Have a great weekend!

  20. Love those 'pole' cats and squirrels! Lol Great photos!


  21. Beautiful shot of the hotel with that blue sky! Love those clouds! The pole cat and squirrel made me laugh!

  22. What a pretty pole cat! And nice cloud formation...
    Your cat-pictures are amazing
    Have a quiet weekend :-)

  23. This cloudy sky picture is amazing !Love the cats !

  24. Lovely photos especially the last two awww!

    Have a pawtastic weekend :-)

  25. I always love how you are able to capture cloud photo's. When ever I try, I am not happy with the end results. Yours are perfect!

  26. Cool clouds and a beautiful cat!
    Good Morning!

  27. Pole Cat, no I haven't heard that til now, and how gorgeous! I've recently been to a coffee shop called Cat Factory Cafe. You can play or cuddle with their cats while having coffee or tea or chocolate :)

  28. Beautiful trees with twisted branches!

  29. Nothing like a good pole cat... or is it cat pole!!

  30. So many beautiful shots!! I love those clouds. (Hmm, that shot might make a really cool abstract, too!) The pole cat made me smile, and your portrait of Ghost is wonderful. Your cat shots are always so good!

  31. Hahaha, love your pole cat, and Ghost, again, is so beautiful! Those clouds are fabulous. Had to check out the link, too. Wow! Nature is awesome!


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