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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Final post of 2014

Wow this year has gone by quickly.  Seems anymore you blink and another year has past by.   2014 had it's (ups and downs) but for the most part it was a good year.  Many people choose "word" that they want to focus on through the year and this year I chose (Love).  I think for the most part I did love more this year.  One very important thing that I loved about 2014 was being a part of the awesome blogging community and meeting and making friends with so many great bloggers/photographers.  So thank you to all who helped to make this a wonderful year.

We had snow flurries here on Monday.  It started out softly with a few flakes falling.  I went outside and took a few pictures.  A leaf in the grass with tiny snowflakes caught my eye.

Ghost was on my mom's front porch eating and had a few snowflakes on his fur.  I just had to snap a photo.

Soon the flakes were coming down larger and faster and I snapped this shot of the Hawthorne tree across the way from our house.

It was fun to watch and pretty but thankfully didn't last long and didn't stick to the ground.  That's my favorite way to enjoy snow.

Just an update on the telephone service. - A man came out on Monday to look at the lines.  He fiddled around for about 20 minutes and came inside to check our phones.  Said he thought the problem was in the "main line" and would have to go back to his office and have other repair people come back on Tuesday to correct the problem.  Good Grief,  we already knew the problem was in the "main line" back on Friday of last week when we called.

Oh well....I ended up calling back on Tuesday after bowling and telling the lady who waited on me that someone had better be out to fix the line or I would call back the next day and would be "less happy" then I was when I called.  About an hour later they showed up and fixed the problem.

I did get photos of the first guy on Monday working on the line (he really didn't do anything to fix them though.)  I just like the pictures.

Through the window of our front door.

I opened the door for this shot.  As you can see the sky was clear after that morning snow storm passed by.

 I went for a quick walk around the block this morning and snapped a few shots to share.

Out back before I left on the walk this little fellow was a chattering away.  

He decided to come down the tree a little closer....

Good thing I left peanuts out for him.

Saw this lovely red holly bush with the sun shining on it.  It looked cheerful.  If you look carefully you'll see bits of frost on the leaves.

Spotted a large woodpecker in a tree and tried to get a photo.  The darn thing spooked easily so this is the best shot I got before it flew off to another tree.

 It's been (bone chilling) cold here though the last couple of days.

As I was walking I spotted some Ivy with frost on it.  Doesn't this look chilly!

How about the creek nearby....

Notice the ice on the side of the bank. - Yep, it's been that cold.

Inside however it's nice and warm and our "ginger" cats, Harley and Captain Cuddles enjoyed a nice little snooze on the couch.

All is well in their world. -  Again I want to wish everyone who visits a very HAPPY NEW YEAR and thank you all again for being a special part of my life with your wonderful blogs and friendship.

Off to buy goodies for tonight....see you all next year!


  1. love the photo of the snowflakes on ghost. :) happy new year to you!

  2. I love the frost in the cats ear and the man on the pole that did nothing. LOL and the kitties at the end make me smile.. that squirrel is adorable and that is great shot of the little rascal..

  3. Such wonderful photos... all of them! I definitely need to drop by here more often! I love snowflakes, they are magical no matter how old we become! The squirrel is adorable, and of course you just can't go wrong with cats, not in my world anyway. :-). As for phoneline repairs, or any service issues nowadays, it is amazing how many guys/calls it can take to resolve the problem... such a waste of time and energies! Happy New Year to you, Ida. I sent you an invitation to my FB page. :-)

  4. Love is a nice word to focus on for the new year.. I love all the cute kitty photos.. And the pretty snow and berries.. I wish you and your family a very happy & healthy New Year!

  5. Oh that does look cold Ida! Glad my slippy shoes are not walking around there :-) I do hope the problems with your main line are fixed soon and you can start 2015 positively. Happy New Year xx

  6. Kitties look so comfy all curled up in the chair. I love your frost pictures. Such beautiful scenes. Happy 2015!

  7. Love all the photos, Ida. Cool ones of the guy working on the lines... and the snowflake on fur. Frosty leaves are always pretty and cozy kitties are always so charming! I hope you have a great New Year's Eve. I've enjoyed our blogging friendship. :-)

  8. I LOVE that pic of Ghost!! Nice journey through your day. I've found that if you make a little racket, things do get done quicker. Have a great 2015!

  9. Blessings and Happy New Year to you and yours!

  10. The last day of's always amazing to think that another whole year has passed. A very Happy New Year to you and yours!

  11. Beautiful photos! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  12. Your snowy, frosty photos are terrific! Happy 2015!

  13. Happy New Year, sweet friend - love all your thoughts and photos today! You captured some beautiful sights on your walk! Hoping you get phone service soon - how awful. We are very cold here, too - brrrrrr!!!! Maybe some snow on Saturday morning. Hope 2015 is a lovely year for you and your family! xo Karen

  14. Such a fun post,Ida. Your frosted leaves and chilly creek are quite beautiful. I love the look of ice on water, and the creek right next to our home is as beautiful as ever right now.
    We are having below zero temps right now. Brrrr... Although, winter is my favorite season. :-)

    May you be blessed in this New Year ahead of us.

    Joy to you, Debbie

  15. Such pretty photos and comfortable kitties! :)

  16. So many beautiful photo's. I especially love the ivy. I am not a lover of cold and frost, but sometimes it does make for the best pictures.

  17. Love the photos of the snowflakes! That squirrel looks like he has a fun personality...and nice shot of the cats! Sounds like you picked a wonderful word for last year; a person can hardly go wrong with "love."

  18. Oh, my, it does look cold! Good to see the kitties all snuggly and warm inside. The ivy looks like some kind of odd species with spines on it. Magnificent photos, Ida.

  19. Terrific photos, love the one with the frost on the ivy!

  20. Hi Ida! I'm just now getting caught up on my blog reading, and as you can tell I am WAY behind. But your photos here are so very GOOD! I love the kitty photos -- the gray one with snow, and the snoozing kitties, and esp. the one in your banner. Great photography! My camera is a dud and and I don't often get so many good shots. Welcome to a new year! I have never picked out a yearly Word. I wouldn't know where to begin :)


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