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Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Fun

Happy Friday! -  I'm a bit "sad" today as I know that Nancy (A Rural Journal) is not posting Random5Friday and Tanya (Around Roanoke) apparently isn't doing Willy-Nilly Friday 5 right now either.  What's a girl to do?......Post 5 Random Things Anyway!!!!

Click to enlarge photos.  Some photos are not related to my 5 Random Things and I gave them titles as well.

                                               CAMO SQUIRREL
Coleen and I spotted this guy on a tree surrounded by twisted branches from another plant growing on the tree.  It has a nice tight grip on that nut in it's mouth.  Sure blends in with the surroundings.

1.  This week I saw something that really shows the times are changing.  It was a form where you check off stuff like if you are married, single etc...Under Gender it had boxes for:  Male,  Female & Other!

                                             COLOR ME PURPLE
Coleen and I spotted this deep purple flower growing in someone's flower bed while on one of our walks.  It was different so I snapped a picture of it.

2.  People will steal just about anything.  Last night there was a little blurb in our paper about some people here in WA state that went to their cabin in the wood only to discover that someone had stolen the entire cabin off it's foundation!

                                              WOODY RETURNS

3.  Every year a woodpecker arrives come spring and pecks away on the same telephone pole for at least 45 minutes. Usually in the morning when I'm trying to sleep!

                                          THE LONGEST RIDE
Coleen taking a ride on the "bull" at the Kid's Rodeo a few weeks ago.

4.  Has anyone seen the movie,  "The Longest Ride" which just came out this past week?  -  I'm a huge fan of watching PBR Bullriding and I just finished reading the book (The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks).  I enjoyed the book but thought it to be a bit "far-fetched" in places so I'm debating about whether or not to see the movie.  I think I'll wait till it comes out on a DVD rather then spend a lot money to see it at the Theater.

5. Last week I featured a cat photo and asked people to leave a caption for it.  Here is the photo again....with the winning caption.
I want to thank everyone who did leave a caption.  There were quite a few and several that I really liked.  My favorite though came from Jeanne who blogs at (Butterfly Tales: Metamorphosis).  Congrats Jeanne for a very funny caption.

So I am going to do this every week and call it,  Caption This.  I'll feature the winning caption the following week with a shout out to the person who I think gave the best caption.  I might do polls to let people vote (if I can figure out how to do that) and maybe even offer a prize once a month for the best caption out of all the photos I feature that month.

With that said here is this weeks photo for Caption This.

Coleen & I heard some barking while on our walk and we spotted this in the window of a house we passed by.

So that's it for me this week.  I'm forgoing a few of the Meme's I usually participate in on Friday as it's Spring Break and I've got Coleen to entertain.

Have fun with the captioning of the photo.


  1. love the squirrel. :)

    my caption: would it kill my humans to invest in a bottle of windex?

  2. Yes, I know how you feel about the Friday memes not working out. But you've got some fantastic photos.The squirrel looks great against the texture of those branches, and the purple flower is very unusual. How awful for those folk who lost their cabin in the woods. Amazing story. Good luck with all the technical stuff about getting people to vote for captions. I've been trying to write something up today with a windows template on a Mac and I'm just about ready to throw my laptop out the window ... the sane part of my brain realises that this will not solve the problem, but it would feel really good for about 20 seconds. I'm a bit rubbish at captions, but how about "Dog in the Clouds". All the best for a great weekend, Bonny

  3. Gotta wonder how anyone could steal a cabin without noticing. :) How sad!

  4. Cute photo. Do you remember that old song by Patti Page: "How Much is That Doggie in the Window?" Well, I choose that title for my caption.

  5. That is the coolest squirrel photo ever! Great job on them all though.
    And oh cool. A Friday Random 5 sounds fun! I may have to try this.

  6. Still laughing over the last one! Sweet kitty. All really fun photos too!

  7. that over processing caption is PERFECT and funny to... i love those purpel bell flowers, never seen them before. unbelievable they stole the cabin. we have a lot of unbelievable things here to. no caption from me, i just draw a blank.

  8. What a great close up of the squirrel. Hope Colleen is enjoying spring break!

  9. I enjoyed your post. Can't think of a caption right now but will put my thinking cap on. That's a sweet photo. All great photos Ida.

  10. Great collection of images! The flowers are pretty. I love the cute squirrel and the woodpecker.

    Have a happy weekend!

  11. #1 Change is constant.
    #2 Perhaps they thought it wouldn't be missed. Wrong!
    #3 I occasionally have a woodpecker pecking on my house. I'm not impressed!
    #3a Ride 'em girl friend.
    #4 No.
    #5 What a fur ball!
    Tom The Backroads Traveller

  12. Great pictures from your week! The doggie is cute and we giggled at the photo caption too! We heard about the cabin being stolen. That's just nuts!

  13. for future reference Amy at Love Made My Home does five on Friday - the link is on my fence (Dahlonega) post. I have read a lot of NS books - but not this one. I love the photo of Coleen.

  14. Great squirrel pic and I love the color of that flower you spied. Looks like Coleen is concentrating hard on the bull ride. I can't say that I'm a fan, but living where we do, it's not that easy to witness. I am going to think about a caption and try to come up with something. It's an interesting photo.

  15. Hello Ida....

    All of your photos are just lovely! I really like what you did with your Spring and so pretty.
    Hope your weekend is full of JOY

  16. Oh, my goodness, wouldn't you just feel like you had lost your mind when you looked at where you thought your cabin should be and it isn't there? Yikes!

  17. You are a really good photographer - gorgeous shots! Have a wonderful weekend

  18. YOu always have such an interesting mix of images. Those purple flowers are pretty.

  19. the bull ride looks like so much fun

  20. Very nice shot of the squirrel! Beautiful yellow bokeh in the background of the flower!

  21. I would love to know what that flower looks like tiny tulips hanging upside down.

    Been trying to think of a caption for the photo since last night...I am drawing a blank. But I will keep thinking.

  22. Nice series! So sad, that Nancy is missing again and Tanya too... I made my post as usual and linked up with Five on Friday, it's another kindly meme
    But I miss Nancy :-(

    To the picture I would say: Dont worry, I see you from the other side!

    Have a quiet and sunny weekend

  23. Hope you're having a blast enjoying spring break Ida and that you had a Happy Easter. Spring is always lovely in the Northwest, at least when it doesn't rain! I'm not very creative when it comes to captioning, but I'm sure someone will give you a good one for the lonesome puppy!

  24. Just thought of one for the caption shot, but bet everyone has thought:

    "How much is that puppy in the window" is what I would title it.

  25. Oh my word! "Other?" sigh...

  26. My caption for the photo, Ida, is "Boo!" because at first it looked like a ghost fave peeking out!

    I love the color purple and would love to have a garden full of those flowers.

  27. no need to stop at this point, i think you really enjoy these!!

    colleens hair is so beautiful, i hope she enjoyed her spring break!!!!


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